What is kingdom Gold?

Realm gold is a currency used come purchasenon-essential item such together clothing and accessory dyes (and clothpatterns), pets, elixirs, and dungeon keys. You cannot buy the WineCellar Incantation.

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Each account starts with 100 gold for cost-free (which is no renewed eachtime her character dies), you may purchase yellow by standing on thegold coin symbol located in ~ each market place. Added Realm Gold maybe purchased v Credit Card, Mobile, and Paypal payments.

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As much as I"ve watched anywhere, the price is no. I don"t recognize of something that lets you get much more gold for free, however you have the right to buy some things with fame instead.

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In the United claims you can buy heavy steam Wallet password from GameStop making use of cold, hard cash ($20 or $50). This also works for Kongregate Kreds.

If you live elsewhere, you can likewise transfer money from your bank account to her Paypal account, no credit card required. This requires some paperwork and a few days come setup, however, so it could be less complicated to just acquire yourself a prepaid card off your neighborhood bank; because that example, in Italy, the underaged can acquire a Postepay junior card with parental consent; as much as I can tell the will occupational on the VISA circuit.

In general I would be wary of services that profession your time because that "free money." because that example, friend can"t do TrialPay supplies if you"re not of period anyway — i m sorry is most likely the an extremely reason you"re trying to not use a credit transaction card to begin with. Follow to Kongregate"s regards to Sale (emphasis mine),

You must have a valid credit transaction card or various other valid payment technique accepted through the Billing agency (collectively, "Payment Method") and have reached the age of bulk in the state in which you reside in stimulate to acquisition Virtual Items and also to create a payment account, which may not be moved to or offered by any 3rd party. Friend represent and also warrant to Kongregate the <...>

(e) you have reached the period of majority in the state in which you reside <...>.

If payment cannot be fee to your Payment an approach or your payment or fee is returned for any reason, including without limitation chargeback, Kongregate and also the Billing company reserve the best to one of two people suspend or end your access to the payment account and/or your capability to purchase Virtual Items there is no notice.

The fact the underaged can"t spend (or get) money top top the net without parental consent is pretty much by design. It"s also, sadly, a shortcoming of the "free come play" model.

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If every else fails you can "pay v mobile" v the game"s net interface. That"ll still obtain you busted by her parents, psychic you.