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Have at the very least 10 Pokemon and theres a house that theres a prof. In and talk to him to obtain flash, that is located in course 2.

Can anyone you re welcome tell me that whether we have to record ten pokemons or ten type of pokemon if ten type then whereby to find pikachuSo that i can obtain flash please answer soon

You must have actually at the very least 10 Pokemon, cut, and also have been to Vermillion City. If you take Diglett"s cavern to route 2, there is a house, and if you talk to him, he will certainly reward you v Flash.

SAME! i can"t go in return I have actually Cut,been in Vermillion City and likewise have an ext than 10 pokemon registered.
You need to have ten different types like zubat, crobat, starter, starter evolution, pikachu, pidgey, and so onIt"s quite easy
I have 28 different species of pokemon, had actually Cut, been in Vermillion City but i can"t walk in the building which has HM Flash. That knows, you re welcome take a video clip for everyone?

Have 10 Pokemon on your Pokedex significant as Caught, HM01 Cut, and accessibility to Digglett"s cave at Vermillion City. Go v Digglett"s Cave and also walk in the path 2 Gate. Or that Prof Oak"s aides will be there. Talk to him. That will offer you HM05 Flash.

Watch tutorials on just how to get ago if you"re in Cerulean it take it me ages to uncover my method home, and likewise would be lot of a aid if you have a bike.

When leaving Vermilion city yes sir a cave where you an initial use flash but before that cave theres a grassy area and over that is a river type thing use surf come a surprise place





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