Eevee is one of the many unique and endearing creatures in the entire Pokémon universe. The is able come evolve into eight distinctive forms, and three the those are achieved through the use of element stones, fairly than the usual levelling of various other Pokémon evolutions. While the data because that Eevee is current in Pokémon Emerald, it"s sadly difficult to obtain through continuous means. Instead, you"ll have actually to gain creative; acquiring Eevee ~ above Emerald is definitely possible, but you"ll should either profession or cheat to acquire it.

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Via Trading

Start a video game of Pokémon FireRed or LeafGreen. While Emerald is sorely doing not have in the Eevee department, FireRed and LeafGreen both have actually a means you can get the Pokemon. If you desire to gain Eevee there is no resorting to cheating, you"ll need to start a game of either and also get at the very least as far as Celadon City.It"s vital to store in mind you"ll need to have gathered at least 60 Pokémon and also completed the Sevii archipelago sidequest to open up trading. Attach up two video game Boy Advances. In order come trade, you"ll need too video game Boy Advances, a copy the Emerald and FireRed or LeafGreen, and a game connect cable to sign up with the two. Gain it every plugged in before you try to access the trade Center.Ask a friend to lend his video game Boy Advance; this will save you having to purchase an additional console in bespeak to do the trade.Go to the Vermillion City commerce Center. V the two gadgets hooked up, you have the right to now head to Vermillion City and accessibility the commerce Center. Go approximately the desk and speak to the hostess. From there, you can access the profession panel.Make the trade. Ensure the game connect cable is authorized the 2 consoles safely, then continue to make the trade. The data will certainly be erased ~ above the LeafGreen/FireRed game, and also copied top top Emerald.Verify on Emerald the the trade has gone through. Currently that you"ve make the trade, it"s always good kind to look on your Emerald document and make sure the document has unable to do through. If the trade has been made, you should see a small Eevee smiling ago at you! If for some factor the Eevee isn"t there, it"s quite feasible the trade wasn"t completed. It"s very unlikely the one game would erase it without copying top top the other, so shot again and you should have the ability to get it under right.

Via Cheating

Purchase and insert Gameshark right into your Gameboy Advance. Gameshark is a unique cheat hardware because that portable Nintendo games. You have the right to input codes into it to transform a wide range of games. While Eevee isn"t available in Pokémon Emerald, it"s still present in the game data. Entering a code v the Gameshark will gain you one Eevee without the problem of trading.Input password 83007CF6 0085 right into Gameshark. Inputting the Eevee code should work prefer a charm. Access Gameshark and enter the code. This will certainly go in and also directly transform your game"s information, leave you through an Eevee to execute your bidding. <2>Verify the you now have actually Eevee. Indigenous here, it"s a straightforward matter of checking your Pokémon roster. If Eevee is there v the remainder of her Pokemon, you"ll understand the codes worked. If not, retrace your steps and try again with the Gameshark.

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If you"re really simply into having actually an Eevee, girlfriend should examine out Pokémon XD for the Gamecube if friend haven"t already; Eevee is a starter Pokémon in that game.