Deoxys is a very versatile Pokemon most trainers would love to have in your party. This is everywhere you can uncover it in the series.

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Pokemon ORAS Deoxys Encounter
Deoxys is a Pokemon, developed as the result of an extraterrestrial virus"s exposure to a laser beam. The Mythical Pokemon was presented in Generation III and also has four different Formes: Attack, Defense, Speed, and Normal. In the Pokedex, it is Number 386.

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while Deoxys is a Generation III Pokemon, that was in reality unable for capturing in Pokemon Ruby and also Pokemon Sapphire. Deoxys is additionally unable come be recorded in Pokemon ColosseumPokemon XDPokemon X and Pokemon YPokemon Sun and Pokemon MoonPokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon MoonPokemon Let"s go Pikachu and Pokemon Let"s walk Eevee, and Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Between Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, however, over there are means to capture Deoxys.

6 Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon Emerald Deoxys
In Pokemon Emerald, the only place where Deoxys might be recorded is birth Island. This location is near Six Island seven Island in the Sevii Islands. Prior to going, the player demands an AuroraTicket, i beg your pardon is downloadable v the mystery Gift feature.

After obtaining the AuroraTicket, they speak to the sailor by the S.S. Tidal and take the watercraft to birth Island. This place actually does not even show up on the town Map or also PokeNav. Adhering to arrival, Deoxys will not immediately present itself. The player must figure out a puzzle.

To solve the puzzle, they need to follow the rock. Every time that is interacted with, the moves; the player has to take the shortest possible path to its brand-new position. If points go correctly, the rock will certainly glow an ext and an ext until it returns to its initial location and shines a glowing red color. Finally, connecting with the absent one critical time renders it shatter...and Deoxys appears.

Also, in Pokemon Emerald, after being caught, Deoxys will certainly transform right into its rate Forme.

5 Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

Pokemon FRLG Deoxys
In Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen, Deoxys is found on bear Island. This location is in between Six Island and also Seven Island in the Sevii Islands. The player demands an item, the AuroraTicket, obtainable through an enig Gift, to acquire here.

once they have actually the AuroraTicket, the player needs to speak come the sailor by the Seagallop Ferry. If every goes well, they will certainly ride the watercraft to birth Island (which is invisible on the map actually). Top top arrival, Deoxys will certainly not be on the island; there is just a absent present.

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This absent is in fact a puzzle. Below is exactly how you fix it: First, indigenous the bottom of the rock, push A; then walk left five times and down once, push A; then walk right 5 times and up 5 times, press A; then walk right 5 times and also down five times, push A; then walk up three times and also left seven times, push A; then walk right 5 times, push A; then walk left 3 times and also down two times, push A; climate go under once and left four times, push A; then go right seven times, push A; then walk left four times and down once, press A; finally, walk up 4 times, push A.

If successful, the rock breaks and also Deoxys appears! (Any fail resets the puzzle.) After capturing Deoxys, the will adjust into strike Forme in Pokemon FireRed and Defense Forme in Pokemon LeafGreen.

4 Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

Pokemon Platinum Deoxys
In Pokemon DiamondPokemon Pearl, and Pokemon Platinum, Deoxys is available for catching via Pal Park. This is a preserve for Pokemon located at the much right next of route 221 in the Sinnoh region. That is not open up for service until the player gets the national Pokedex.

when Pal Park opens, castle unlock the "Migrate" choice in the main menu. Native here, the player might transfer Deoxys from Pokemon EmeraldPokemon FireRed, or Pokemon LeafGreen. Then they have actually to capture Pal Park"s catching Show.

during the capturing Show, the player has to encounter and catch Deoxys as one of the 6 Pokemon roaming around. It is located in the mountains area, in the northeastern regent. This is the only means to gain Deoxys in this games.

3 Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

Pokemon HGSS Deoxys
In Pokemon HeartGold and Pokemon SoulSilver, the only means to record Deoxys is in Pal Park. This location is a preserve for Pokemon, available after the player it s okay the national Pokedex. That is situated in Kanto, unlocked after they visit Fuschia City.

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once Pal Park unlocks, the player gets access to the "Migrate" option in the main menu. Technically, they perform not record a brand-new Deoxys yet rather transfer an old one native Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon FireRed, or Pokemon LeafGreen. This goes down in Pal Park"s capturing Show.

The map is separated into five areas: Forest, Pond, Field, Sea, and Mountain. Hill is wherein Deoxys is encountered, in the northeast. If Deoxys is among the six Pokemon let right into Pal Park, it might be caught.

2 Pokemon Black, White, black color 2, and White 2

In Pokemon BlackPokemon WhitePokemon black 2, and Pokemon White 2, Deoxys is caught (or fairly transferred) through the Poke transfer feature. This is accessed via the Poke carry Lab in route 15. Poke transfer is unlocked after the player to win the main story of the game and also gets the nationwide Pokedex.

Deoxys, like various other Pokemon, is obtainable with a mini-game where they shoot bag Balls at six various Pokemon in ~ a time v a bow.

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1 Pokemon Omega Ruby and also Alpha Sapphire

In Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Apha Sapphire, Deoxys is available for recording at the end of the Delta Episode, i beg your pardon unlocks once the player beats the main story that the game. Very first and foremost, they should encounter and capture Rayquaza at skies Pillar. Then the player walk to room to avoid an just arrive meteor from finishing the civilization (literally). Adhering to this, a monster triangular sample appears and also so walk Deoxys.

Unlike all the various other encounters that Deoxys, this time roughly it is Level 80 (on par through Arceus and also Calryex because that the greatest level encounter). Lock actually obtain not just one yet two possibilities to catch Deoxys if the very first time fails. The player simply needs to loss the Elite 4 for the 2nd chance, then go ago to skies Pillar. In ~ the same spot where Rayquaza to be chilling, Deoxys will be waiting.