In Fruit Ninja, a an essential can it is in scored for extra points in all modes except Zen. Once a an essential happens there will be a lengthy blue part on the fruit (which flies away quickly), and also text will show the points earned. The possibilities of performing a vital are random.

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How execute you get criticals top top Fruit Ninja?

If you hit 2 fruits that are overlapping every other and also are the exact same fruit you get a an important hit. For the iphone if you hit fruits that room really close to bombs you get critical hits.

How do you cheat ~ above Fruit Ninja?

Fruit Ninja: optimal 10 tips, hints, and also cheats you should know!

You don’t should buy starfruit with real money. Don’t use lengthy swipes when bombs space around. Usage Peachy time to an increase your score in arcade and also zen mode. Don’t use an ext than one finger. Try playing upside down. Multiple special bananas = vast high score.

What is a vital 10 in Fruit Ninja?

4 Answers. Well, They space worth 10 points instead of the timeless 1 suggest for typical fruit. They room perfectly precious in combos like various other fruit, the combo points space not multiplied by 10, you just get 9 extra points than if there to be no crucial hit in the combo.

What is the highest fruit ninja combo?

The highest equivalent score on Fruit Ninja in one minute (team that two) is 131 and also was accomplished by Suhana Naushad (India) and Omar Mohamed (Egypt) at WAFI, Dubai, UAE, ~ above 19 October 2019.

How carry out you gain a high score in Fruit Ninja arcade mode?

Six Tips for Scoring higher in Fruit Ninja

Slice fruit at the top of the Dojo. Slice v the fall Gust Blade. Select the good Wave Dojo for Arcade Mode. Always go because that the Bananas in Arcade Mode. Drop Fruit to miss out on Bombs in standard Mode. Short Swipe Pomegranates.

What is the highest possible Fruit Ninja combo?

What is the highest possible score on Fruit Ninja standard mode?

Ravi Reetoo earned 10,523 clues in Fruit Ninja. The game was collection to standard Mode.

What is the Fruit Ninja world record?

What is the highest Fruit Ninja score?

The game contains Classic, Arcade and also Zen modes for football player to rack up greater and higher scores on by slicing v heaps of fruit tossed throughout a dojo. Friend can include Fruit Ninja to your mobile or tablet computer from that is Google beat or iTunes pages. My highest Fruit Ninja score is 1,553 in Arcade Mode.

How perform you acquire a combo in Fruit Ninja?

A Combo is a bonus scoring for when you part 3 fruit or an ext in one swipe. Every combo is worth dual the quantity of the fruit sliced.

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How do you gain a combo blitz in Fruit Ninja?

A combo occurs when you slice three or an ext fruit in a single swiping motion. Her score from that combo also doubles, so shot to get as plenty of as possible.

When carry out you obtain a critical hit in Fruit Ninja?

A an important hit isn’t random: it’s once you struggle a fruit perfectly under its middle. Now you might say that’s hard however don’t sweat it: it wake up anyways. Highly active question. Earn 10 call in order come answer this question.

How plenty of points perform you obtain for a fruit hit?

They space worth 10 points rather of the traditional 1 suggest for typical fruit. They are perfectly valid in combos like other fruit, the combo points are not multiply by 10, girlfriend just gain 9 extra points 보다 if there to be no crucial hit in the combo.

Are there any type of special powers because that Fruit Ninja?

These fruits have actually no one-of-a-kind powers. Players simply slice castle to stay in the game. Several of these fruits are rare, however enhance gameplay as soon as sliced. Click the fruit to navigate to your page. These are fruits that appear throughout the Fruit Ninja games, yet are just seen in the main menu. VS. Strawberry

What type of boxes space in Fruit Ninja 2?

Boxes space a function in Fruit Ninja and also Fruit Ninja 2. They can be opened to obtain new blades, or duplicates provided to upgrade them. Only the crate in Fruit Ninja price dojos. Red and Purple boxes are exclusive to Fruit Ninja, meanwhile watermelon, pineapple, dragon fruit, and also cosmic berry boxes room exclusive come Fruit Ninja 2.