In mine previous write-up I talked around how basic it can be to start a simple farm for cultivation wheat and beetroot. Now, ns going to talk about growing wheat, carrots, and also potatoes at the same time on her farm. By the end of this post, you’ll acquire the necessary skills and knowledge needed to farm and also harvest many crops.

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What You’ll need to thrive Plants in Minecraft PE


Although the farm that we’re around to develop is larger than the simple farm that we developed in my previous post, both still follow the same an essential design and also concepts. As a result, the materials that we’re walking to use will tho be comparable with the just noticeable difference being their quantity.

With a bigger area to job-related on, I’d additionally recommend make a stone pickaxe so that you deserve to mine faster (e.g. Stone hoes and stone pickaxes). They could not it is in the best equipment because that farming but the quality of rock equipment is still better than their wooden counterparts. Also, did I cite that they often tend to critical longer? Having resilient equipment is an ext efficient because you’ll spend much less time do replacements.

The chest is another item/equipment the you’ll absolutely need for the multi-crop farm. V the intended yields of ours farm, her default item slots space going to get full sooner quite than later. A chest or two will additionally ensure that you don’t lose your harvested items if you ever before suffer one in-game death.

Getting the Seeds


You probably know how easy the is to acquire beetroot and wheat seeds yet what about carrots and also potatoes? at this time there space two means you can go around getting these crops for her farm. The easiest techniques for gaining these two crops will call for you come look because that either a town or a zombie spawner.

Village seed not just have ranches that grow potatoes, carrots, and wheat, yet they’re also fairly safer than searching for zombie spawners (zombies fall potatoes and carrots as well). If you planning on starting a multi-crop farm yard for farming wheat, carrots, and potatoes then make sure that you use a seed the spawns you near villages and also farms.


Farm Layout

The multi-farm will certainly be created of 4 an easy farms positioned in a way that it rectal a 19 through 19 block area top top the map (this is there is no fences). Each simple farm will have actually a division of either rock or oak slabs to make them easier to plant and also maintain. Through the divisions in ar you can then proceed with assigning a details crop for every an easy farmland unit. Ns usually begin out v planting beetroot and also wheat due to the fact that they’re much easier to come by.In the screenshot i took (see below), i was maybe to completely plant the farm v all the crops since I was playing in Creative mode.


Since i didn’t use a village or zombie seed, I ended up v a random Minecraft human being that i wasn’t acquainted with. For this reason in order to highlight the multi-crop layout in action, i then determined to make one more one in creative just (refer to the screenshot above). Don’t worry if you’re complying with this and playing top top survival setting though. The farm ns made in that screenshot deserve to be replicated easily even in survival.

The only trouble you’ll likely encounter is exactly how to gain water come hydrate it. Return you deserve to opt because that an watering solution because that this (like make a canal), ns would suggest that you handmade a water bucket instead. All you need are three iron ingots (you’ll have to mine and smelt iron ores for these) and also a water source to to fill it with and also you need to be maybe to carry out hydration to as numerous multi-crop farms as girlfriend want.

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Each that the crops that friend planted will have eight growth stages. You can harvest castle at any stage of their growth however in stimulate to obtain the many from them, you’ll want to to make reservation this when every one of them space on the last stage.