In Pokemon Red Version, friend are enabled to pick one out of the 3 starter Pokemon. Well, I chose Charmander yet now i am confused regarding how i can capture the other 2 starter Pokemon. Go anyone understand how?



if friend want every little thing legitimately, you"ll must trade with someone else, it"s plain and simple.

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It"s the very same for several other pokemon, which aren"t accessible in Red but are in Blue (or yellow).

Some pokemon also evolve only throughout trading.

This is come encourage world buying the other game also (and one more gameboy) this is referred to as 1 game for the price the 2.


I believe the yellow version, you can gain them all. You start with a Pikachu, then v the game get given, win or discover the other primary Pokemon: Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. Prefer others have actually said if you didn"t desire to to buy a new game, you"ll have to trade with other people, or between your devices with your various other games.

Unfortunately in red and also blue girlfriend only obtain that one girlfriend choose.



This only works in bag Monsters Red/Blue.

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Actually, in Pokemon red/blue, you have the right to legitimately catch all 3 starters. Just look in ur pokedex. Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard u can record in Cinnabar Island Pokemon Mansion (Charmander/Charmeleon relatively common and also Charizard is really rare), the Squirtle family you can capture in Seafoam islands (you have to walk in the cavern not surf) and also the Bulbasaur family members you can catch at the Victory roadway entrance area (probably in the grass, yet idk for certain yet cuz ns haven"t gained there yet, I"ve only captured Squirtle, charmeleon, and I have the Charizard I obtained from Prof. Oak as a Charmander. Ns will short article an upgrade on any information on wherein to record the Bulbasaur household in the comments ar of my answer. Red/blue/yellow are the just 3 Pokemon bsci-ch.orgs where u can obtain all 3 starters there is no cheating.

Source: based on experience as I to be doing a play v on my Pokemon red top top my game boy color atm