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To obtain a diamond dragon you have to have all 4 elements. Water, air, fire, and forest (blue, yellow, red, and also green). Because it"s one ultra rare dragon it"s going to take fairly a couple of times to lastly get it

I think we need to breed hybrids. 1 hybrid with fire and water another 1 with nature and the yellow thingy(lighting??)

Breed any type of two dragons and also pray you get a Diamond Dragon. Every pair that dragons has an same chamce to an outcome in a Diamond Dragon (which, the course, is an extremely low.).

Breed dragons through two aspects each that contain all four of these Air woodland Fire Water so breed something like a Mindvolt dragon and a Wild dragon try combinations like that and have a couple of tries that took over 30 because that me so simply be patient and you should at some point get a Diamond dragon

I provided a sunbeam dragon (level 4) and also a serpent dragon (level 4 together well) and got a diamond dragon together the result.

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