dented ping pong

Fixing a dented table tennis ball is easy. You will need your dented ball and also a glass of warm water. The water requirements to be quite hot; otherwise, the dents i will not ~ pop out properly. Now, put your table tennis ball in the glass and also press under on it to increase the pressure approximately the ball.Keep the ball down for around 10 to 20 sec. Hopefully, friend should have your table tennis ball back in form again and also be ready for a game.

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The physic theory contact on science can assist you inflate and also recover a dented ping pong ball ago to its original shape. You can perform the job by harnessing the thermal development power to press the dented area that a round from the within out.


When the sphere comes into contact with warm water, its surface starts come soften, and also the air pressure inside the sphere starts to get heated up and also expand. The air inside the ball ends up expanding the dented side to its initial shape.

Other Methods

Use a round Stick

Use a ring stick or something comparable to gently and slowly push along the ball’s edge until the dented part pops up. This technique works as long as there is no cracked on the ball. If you can’t find a ring stick, girlfriend can likewise use a ring pen holder or a round pencil rod to roll it on the ball.

Making use of Hair Dryer

With the exact same theory, you have the right to use a hairdryer, revolve it on and readjust the hairdryer come the high temperature, blow the round from the bottom up (you need to make certain the wind blow from the hairdryer is solid enough).

Also, make sure the ping pong round is not falling. ~ blowing for a while, the round will go back to its original shape.



Use her Thumb

Another means is the you have the right to use her thumb. Using the thumb’s joint, you can push the dented component of the ball up tiny by little. You can recover the form of the sphere with this method. I have the right to guarantee it since I have actually used this technique to recover quite a few dented ping pong ball.

Not all Balls can Be Recovered

Even the methods that I shared with you deserve to be functioned for many of the balls, but some balls won’t work also you use all the over methods.

One thing you require to examine is to look in ~ the dent level of the ball. If the dent is as well deep, then also you deserve to recover it, however it will not ago to the exact shape together it used to be. There will be some minor indented part which cannot be recovered.

Also, you require to examine if there is any crack ~ above the ball. If you uncovered a crack on the ball, no matter how difficult you try, the sphere won’t get earlier to its shape anymore. You should throw the round away and buy a new one.

How to measure the volume the a dented ping pong ball?

Method 1 – to fill the round with Water

First, make certain that over there is no leaking with the ping pong ball. Once confirm over there is no leakage, you can drill a hole on the ball. The feet no need to be too large as lengthy as that does not affect the ball’s size.Pour water into the ball through the hole the you drill. Or friend can additionally immerse the round in a cup the filled the water. Wait until the ball is filled v water.Take the measuring cylinder and pour the water from the ball right into the measure cylinder. Because the ball’s thickness is negligible, the volume the water in the measure cylinder will be the volume the the ping pong ball.

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Method 2 – Drainage

Take a cup and also fill it through water to do the water level flush with the cup.Place the cup in a huge enough container.Immerse the ping pong sphere in the cup.Fill the measuring cylinder with the overflowing water, and also the measured volume is the ball’s volume.

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