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How to uncover Your 3DS girlfriend Code

Unlike games on Nintendo Wii and the initial DS, the Nintendo 3DS go not have separate friend codes for each game. Instead, every 3DS system has a system-wide girlfriend code. To find yours, first go her 3DS main menu. (If you don"t check out it, merely press the home button on her 3DS). Then look for the orange smiley face icon on the touch screen and also click it.

That will certainly take you to your friend list. Push right ~ above the control pad (once) and you need to see her Mii. Her friend code will be displayed on the height screen.

How To include Friends

If you"re not currently at your friend list, click the orange smiley confront on the 3DS menu as shown above. Then, in ~ the top of the touch screen, girlfriend will check out the words "Register Friend" and/or an orange smiley confront with a to add sign next to it. It will certainly look prefer this:

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Click that. You will certainly then be asked if you desire to add a regional friend or net friend. The "local" alternative is just if who is physically close to you, like in the same room. But most likely, you have a friend code that you desire to enter in, so for that, click "Internet." (Your 3DS must be virtual to add an internet friend). You will certainly then check out a display with a keypad the numbers. Usage the stylus pen or her finger to get in the code, dual check it, and also then click OK. It might then questioning you because that the friend"s name. If you don"t know the name they offered for your Mii, it"s no problem. Just go into anything friend want, and also it will automatically correct itself to the exactly name once your friend has included your girlfriend code. (Remember to provide your friend password to her friend, so that he/she can include you too!) and that"s it! enjoy playing your online 3DS games!

How to Delete Friends

The 3DS friend roster can store 100 friends. As soon as it"s full, friend can"t add brand-new friends unless you delete part old ones. Come delete a friend code, very first click the orange smiley face to walk to your friend roster. Click "Settings" in the top-left edge of the touch screen and also then pick "Delete girlfriend Card." You deserve to then press right or left come scroll through your friend list. Click the player you want to delete and also then choose "(A) Yes" to confirm. Then pick "Quit" to return to the vault menu.Buy pet Crossing: brand-new Leaf in ~ AmazonDid you understand that Miiverse allows you to take screenshots of choose games? how to take 3DS Screenshots.If you"re a pan of pet Crossing: new Leaf, i encourage friend to inspect out every the an excellent ACNL content right here at bsci-ch.org. Read my daily blog, examine out my hair guide, or take a look in ~ my town page. Or possibly you"re searching for some QR password to scan or cool dream towns to visit.bsci-ch.orgjeff is on Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter.Subscribe, follow, or choose for pet Crossing pictures, videos, and also more!