This is a detailed guide on just how to fill out a withdrawal slip depending on the form of bank you’re bank with.

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Going come the bank to do a withdrawal, on getting to the financial institution you got perplexed on how to fill the end the withdrawal develops slip. If friend don’t want to inquire from the customer company representative on just how to go around it, this post will aid you the end on how to fill the end a withdrawal slip.

How come fill out a tap the money slip

Let’s obtain started on just how you deserve to make withdrawal using the bank withdrawal on slide but prior to going into that, very first understand the an interpretation of withdrawal slip.

Withdrawal on slide meaning

A tap the money slip is a printed record issued by banks to their customers because that cash withdrawal. In some countries, prior to a customer deserve to withdraw money from its to save account, the customer need to use a withdrawal slip as lengthy as the client isn’t making use of a debit card.

Before a financial institution customer deserve to make a withdrawal using the withdrawal slip, the receiving banker should put the bank stamp top top the slip in addition to a signature and also date. This is to represent that the withdrawal slip was obtained by the bank and also legit.

Steps to fill out a withdrawal slip

Below room the measures or a comprehensive guide on just how to fill out a tap the money slip for cash withdrawal.

1. Going to the bank

Having said that a withdrawal slip is a published paper, authorize by the bank for cash withdrawal, this tells you that you can’t get the slip exterior the bank.

So first you require to gain the withdrawal slip and also then continue with the cash withdrawal.

In order to gain the slip, walk into the bank and also head over to the bank teller or possibly customer company representative and also request because that a withdrawal slip. The is the duty that the customer organization representative to concern the on slide to you and you have the right to proceed ~ above filling out the form.

Note that to fill the end a withdrawal slip need to be done best inside the bank

2. Filling the form 

You have to be very careful when filling out the tap the money slip, the date and the account number should be correct rather you can’t do withdrawal. If friend forget her account number, kindly request from the customer organization representative to aid you out to retrieve your financial institution account number.

Let’s proceed on how to fill the end a withdrawal slip.

On the slip, you’ll check out list of alternatives needed from you to complete, and also these consists of the followings;

The dateThe account nameThe account numberthe amount come withdrawThe financial institution branch

To fill the end a withdrawal slip, the very first thing you should do is to get in the date and that must be the date which you’re making the withdrawal.

Note the day must be correct rather the financial institution won’t salary you till you do the vital corrections.

After start date, next is to get in your account number. Without her account number, the financial institution won’t provide you her money and also to do it much easier for you, go to the financial institution with her account number.

Let me repeat this again, if friend forget your account number, you deserve to still request it indigenous the financial institution or the customer company representative. You re welcome make sure you have actually your i would or a means of identification while going come the bank.

To fill out a withdrawal slip, you’ll likewise have to get in the account name and on this room I introduce you to enter you name cause it implies the surname on the bank account.

So kindly get in the account name and proceed through the next which is the amount come withdraw.

To fill the end a withdrawal slip girlfriend must go into the amount which you want to withdraw, and it can be in native or in numbers. This relies on your financial institution as some financial institutions will require to get in the lot in words, while rather in numbers.

If friend see enter amount in words, it simply way to enter the amount in several letters. Because that example, the amount i m sorry you desire to retract is $50,000, you will have to enter fifty thousand dollars.

To create in numbers, that is $50,000.00 and this is how to fill the end a withdrawal slip in terms of the quantity which contains words and also numbers.

In some nations banking system, you need to indicate if you desire the money in cash despite it counts on the bank. Therefore if you see such option, tick to withdraw in cash.

Lastly, come fill out a withdrawal slip, you must sign a signature though this again different from financial institution to bank. Virtually all banks require a customer’s signature ~ above the slip before money is issued to the customer.

If a customer’s signature is required on the slip, the financial institution will show it top top the slip and also if they don’t, girlfriend won’t see the alternative on the tap the money slip. However, signature is really much compulsory once it comes exactly how to fill out a tap the money slip.

After you’re excellent in filling out the tap the money slip, go v it come make sure all you have actually written is correct, continue with the following step and which is offering it come the financial institution teller.

Another thing you could see is the financial institution branch, and also you should also fill the space with the correct bank branch i m sorry you’re making the withdrawal.

3. Submitting the tap the money slip 

This is the critical step when it comes to how to fill the end a tap the money slip and also cash out from your savings account.

Having gone v the slip and confirm the what you’ve created is correct, continue in offering the slip to the bank teller or the receiving banker. That or she will certainly go v it, run a examine on your account to make certain all is correct and additionally that you have the proclaimed amount in her savings account, after that will provide you the asked for amount.


When it concerns how come fill out a withdrawal slip, there are some basic things you must know before going to the financial institution to make a withdrawal.


Your confront must complement the photograph on the savings bank account. Withdrawing money with the financial institution teller is much more secured and also the bank customer have the right to withdraw a maximum sum amount that money there is no a limit.

This is due to the fact that the bank have so lot trust in this type of cash withdrawal contrasted to the use of the a debit card.

If your challenge didn’t match with the passport or photograph on the savings bank account, the bank will deem it as not yours and also won’t offer you the cash as requested. Apart from that, you can even soil in jail for fraud or trying to cheat the bank.


When it involves how come fill the end a tap the money slip, signature is an extremely much compulsory and this is one more thing financial institutions use to verify the you’re the true owner that the bank account.

On signing her signature on the tap the money slip and also there’s a slim mistake, the bank will deem that you’re no the owner of the financial institution account and also with this girlfriend can’t make withdrawal making use of the tap the money slip.

This is why it is compulsory to usage a irreversible signature when opening a bank account and additionally a signature which girlfriend know.

I have actually seen a case where a bank refused to pay or provide a customer the cash requested cause the signature on the withdrawal slip didn’t match with the one top top the customer’s bank account. Despite the confront matched the passport on the financial institution account, the bank still refused and questioned the reason for the distinction in signatures.

The financial institution customer offered the factor that she adjusted her signature as she couldn’t number out or remember the signature she offered on her financial institution account and whereas that’s when she to be 19 then and didn’t have a long-term signature together at the moment of opened her bank account.

After numerous questions and answers, the bank verified that she is the owner of the financial institution account, and also in turn gave her the cash together requested. This is come tell you just how signatures pat a significant role as soon as it comes to how come fill out a tap the money slip.

How carry out i get a tap the money slip

To gain a financial institution withdrawal slip, you need to go come the bank and move to the teller section or maybe the customer company representative which will straight you to the right location to collect the bank withdrawal slip.

Mostly, the on slide is issued in ~ the novelist section and also this is whereby you’ll be cashing out your money native your bank account.

It is the financial institution teller or the receiving banker will accept your slip, go with it and finally stamp it in addition to its signature prior to giving you your money as demanded native you.

For those spring for just how do you fill the end a withdrawal slip, the prize is currently here ~ above this post, and it doesn’t take more than thirty seconds and you must be excellent in writing your details top top the slip.

Withdrawal slip example

This differs from financial institution to financial institution though they it seems to be ~ alike specifically with the writings. Below is a common withdrawal slip example.

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All these are same with just how to fill the end a withdrawal slip united state bank, td bank, or any type of other bank.