If you’re a vast fan the steel-type Pokemon (specifically Onix) then you might be looking for the metal Coat in Pokemon Sword and Shield. As well as an increasing Steel-type moves, this special item will aid you evolve Onix right into Steelix, its metal coated evolution. Onix is one of plenty of pocket monster in Pokemon Sword and Shield that require a distinct item come evolve, and also we"ve acquired the details on specifically where to find a steel Coat and also how come evolve Onix in Pokemon Sword and Shield appropriate here.

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Everybody loves Onix, the Pokemon made the end of stack up rocks... Friend can uncover Onix in Pokemon Sword and also Shield out in the open in the Wild Area. It’s quite an easy creature to spot offered its build, and also it’s usually among the an initial you’ll clues on your very first trip come Sword and also Shield’s open-world area. Provided that it’s a Rock and Ground form you want to look the end for the Intense sunlight or Sandstorm weather impacts when you’re searching Onix. In the at an early stage game you deserve to grab one in east Lake Axwell, with an ext powerful versions found in Giant’s Seat and also Motostoke Riverbank.

Where to obtain a steel Coat in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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To choose up the metal Coat you must be past Route 6. If so, make your means to Stow-on-Side. Head come the westernmost part of the city to find an alley the leads come a ladder and also then another ladder the takes you increase onto the rooftops of the city. Native there, walk under the ramp and then you’ll see 2 bags on the edge of the roof come the north, west of an NPC you have the right to talk to.

How come evolve Onix right into Steelix in Pokemon Sword and also Shield

Metal coat collected, uncover yourself a trusted girlfriend (the most daunting part of this guide) and ask lock if they’d be ready to command a earlier and soon trade v you. Send them your Onix whilst that holds the fabled metal Coat and also upon commerce it will certainly transform into Steelix. That is then the duty of your lovely girlfriend to send Steelix back to friend unscathed. To equip the items simply find the metal Coat in her menu and with Onix in her party, pick the alternative to make it organize the item.

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