One the the most necessary tricks to learn when fingerboarding is the Ollie. A trick done by using pressure on the tail through the ago finger for a hard pop, complied with up with an upwards flick v the wrist moving front finger towards the sleep for leveling the end the board in the air. While decreasing in the air, pressure is applied evenly v both fingers because that an even landing.

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1. Finger Placement: ar your index-finger in between the middle and also nose the the board while maintaining your middle-finger top top the tail because that pop.


2. Popping the Tail: use pressure ~ above the tail v your ago finger for a solid pop, do the board go in a upright position.


3. Flicking front-finger and wrist up- and forwards: together the board is in the vertical place after popping, relocating the index-finger upwards towards the nose will certainly make the board elevate for air. Rather of focusing on moving the index-finger alone, a good tip is to emphasis on the movement of the whole hand and also wrist for the board to air.


4. Leveling the end the plank in the air: come level out the board rotate your wrist horizontal again while letting your middle-finger control the tail the the board.


5. Landing: apply an even pressure v both finger while the board decreases in the air because that an even landing


Learning the Ollie on a fingerboardcan take it time and requires patience, that is all about timing those 5 stepsabove correctly and building “muscle memory” because that it – after enough practice youwill have the ability to Ollie on a fingerboard v your eye closed!

Tipsfor practicing the activity of the Ollie

Using arm, leg or edge of the table

To practice and get a feel for the as whole movement of the Ollie, try using the leaf of a table, your eight or leg. The allude here is the you can pop excessively backwards, letting the board remainder upside-down in a horizontal position, for this reason you carry the board upwards for air easier.



Another pointer for getting an ext air when trying to Ollie in the beginning is to perform a “rollback” as you pop for the Ollie. The reason why, is because rolling “backwards” (fakie) offers extra momentum for the pop and also helps the board in that vertical place after the pop, making it much easier to air.


Commonchallenges when finding out The Ollie

Fingerboard not acquiring air when ollieing

It have the right to be challenging to execute Ollies juston a flat workdesk alone in the beginning. A good tip is to find some sort ofobstacle come ollie increase on or over. If you are just beginning out, ns wouldrecommend finding something to ollie increase on. Could be a publication or little cardboardbox for example, anything you have the right to find roughly the residence which will certainly make a finesmall “Ollie box”. Together you progress, friend can conveniently stack multiple publications orboxes on peak of each various other to make her target height greater and higher. Youcan also practice Ollie over little objects together as an additional fingerboard, a penor cables.

Board randomly flying out of bounds

Sometimes it can be difficult tocontrol the board as soon as trying to Ollie. A good tip here is trying not to popas tough while flicking an ext forwards when moving the front finger and wristupwards because that air. The board can conveniently spin out of regulate while trying to Ollieif call is shed with the board.

I hope these tips helped you ~ above yourjourney come learning just how to ollie ~ above a fingerboard. Remember, the takes practiceand patience to learn the ollie perfectly, however with time it will certainly make the comeeventually!

Afterlearning the Ollie

Ollie right into Manuals

Being able to Ollie the fingerboardup top top obstacles opens up for brand-new possibilities. Among them is to begin doingcombos with manuals.

Ollie over gaps

You can produce a drop, gap or smallstair set out of books or boxes come Ollie. It can be helpful to start tiny andbuild your means up from there. Ultimately with much more control friend can also startto ollie indigenous the leaf of the workdesk onto the floor, which could take part impactto control the plank in the air.

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Ollie right into Grinds

You can also Ollie increase on obstaclesfor locking right into grinds. This have the right to for instance be the sheet of a box, wherein the truckof the fingerboard grinds along.

Frontside and also Backside 180 Ollie & Slides

Variations such together Frontside andBackside 180 Ollie can be learned, i m sorry is a combination of doing an Ollie,while rotating the hand 180 degrees with the board. This is especially helpfulfor law slides ~ above obstacles. The reason for this is the doing slides such asboard- nose- and also tailslide regularly require turning 90 degrees to be able to slideon the part of the plank which makes call with the obstacle.