ooVoo introduced voice messaging, video clip chat and also text messaging on Apps and Online platforms in 2007. It produced 80 million downloads on its application platform it spins 2017. Together their business was no making any kind of profit, ooVoo made decision to prevent its operations. 

The app is still obtainable on store, yet not usable. The users deserve to simply uninstall the application to eliminate it. This will produce a space in the mobile device, yet the account produced in ooVoo will not it is in deactivated through default. As the ooVoo operations are not active, i doubt the user deserve to log right into his/her ooVoo account. There is no alternative to delete the ooVoo account because that the user but still some settings can be configured that provides the account obsolete.

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How to delete your ooVoo Account indigenous App

A pair of points I can suggest to do once the account is logged in.Step 1: adjust the profile surname and snapshot from settings.
Step 2: To do so, click the hamburger icon on the height left. A list of account settings will be shown.




Step 5: give some fake name to her profile.Step 6: change the display photo to any random picture.



Step 12: conserve changes. Act this no other user will have the ability to find you in ooVoo. 

How come delete her ooVoo Account from desktop computer App

Log into the ooVoo account.Go to the Account Settings. Under the ooVoo id section, there is a display name field.
Click Save.Change the profile snapshot if you have kept her photo. Click Save.The next step is to walk to Settings.Choose Privacy settings.Search because that the option, “Nobody may uncover or check out my ooVoo profile”. Pick it.You will certainly be asked questions. For every questions, pick “No One” as the option. Click Save. The account shall disappear indigenous search.


Rare opportunities of ooVoo customers searchable ~ above the Internet. However to take it a much safer side, over steps have the right to be take away to directly deactivate ooVoo account. When the above changes space done, be remainder assured her data the ooVoo is non-searchable.

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