I have actually a 3DS the came with a game pre-loaded ~ above it. Just how would ns go about deleting the game (NOT the data if possible) turn off of the mechanism to cost-free up space? and since I never ever actually got a video game code or cartridge, exactly how would i go around re-downloading that game?


Yes, you are able to delete a pre-loaded video game from your 3DS (as it is treated as a eShop purchase).

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You have the right to redownload that as any other eShop game that you have purchased in the past.

You must be logged in a Nintendo Network identifier account therefore the video game is linked, because you require a NNID to be able to enter eShop, that souldn"t it is in an issue.

Here you can read more in detail.

Once deleted, pre-installed software (Mario Kart 7, Swapnote, Fire Emblem: Awakening) and Nintendo eShop purchases deserve to be redownloaded at no cost.

Also in the link detailed there is a guide on how to delete your video game without shedding your saved data.

select the data you would prefer to delete, then choose "Delete." tap "Delete Software and also Save Data" or "Create Save-Data Backup and Delete Software." If you have actually selected to earlier up the save data, you have the right to do so using an present folder or friend can produce a brand-new one. insanity "Delete" again come confirm.

And here is a guide on how to redownload games from the eShop.

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