"I have actually saved a the majority of songs on mine iPod Touch over past years, recently I desire to download some new songs on it yet told the no sufficient space, just how to delete song from my iPod? please help."

It is basic to sync music from computer system to iPod through iTunes or iCloud; but deleting music indigenous iPod is an additional story, specifically on old iPod models, such together iPod Nano, iPod Shuttle and more. Actually, there room several philosophies to finish this job simply. And also in this tutorial, we space going to present you how come delete songs from iPod Touch/Nano/Shuffle in ~ a few minutes.

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Part 1: just how to delete song from iPod

If you have an iPod Touch, you room lucky because it is fitted the duty of deleting song from iPod directly. Otherwise, skip to the next part to learn around how come delete songs from iPod Nano/Shuffle.

Way 1: how to delete song from iPod by apple Music

Step 1. Open up the to apologize Music application from iPod residence screen, situate to bottom bar and go to the "My Music" tab.

Step 2. Pick the tune to delete native iPod, tap top top the "Menu" switch next come the track with a three-dot icon, and also then fight "Delete" top top the menu bar.

Step 3. Once prompted, check removal. Then you deserve to repeat the procedure to delete other songs.

If her iPod to run iOS 8.3 or earlier, you have to go to the "Songs" tab in apologize Music app, swipe left end the unwanted song and also hit the "Delete" switch to eliminate it.


Way 2: how to delete song from iPod via setups app

Step 1. If you desire to delete all songs from iPod in ~ one time, open the setups app.

Step 2. Head to "General" >"Usage" >"Manage Storage" >"Music" >"Edit", tap on the minus symbol in front of "All Songs" and hit the "Delete" button.


Part 2: how to delete songs from iPod Touch/Nano/Shuffle with iTunes

Apple developed iTunes originally aiming to aid iPod control music. Today, iTunes has integrated a lot of beneficial features, yet it is quiet a great partner the iPod. In this part, we will certainly tell you exactly how to delete song from iPod through or there is no removing them from iTunes Library.

Way 1: how to delete song from iPod and remove them from iTunes Library

Step 1. An initial of all, remove the song to delete native iPod in your iTunes Library. Open up the latest version of iTunes, click the "Music" symbol at upper left corner and then go to the "My Music" tab.

Step 2. Unfold the dropdown menu at top right corner and select "Songs". This is to list your music by songs. Press "Ctrl" key on pc or host "Cmd" crucial on Mac, and also highlight all unwanted songs. Right click selected songs and then select "Delete indigenous Library" to remove them from her iTunes Library.

Step 3. Next, connect your iPod, such as iPod Nano, to your computer with the Lightning cable. Climate sync the remainder music from iTunes Library to your iPod. Now, you complete to delete songs from iPod Nano and also iTunes Library.


Way 2: how to delete songs from iPod without removing them indigenous iTunes Library

Step 1. Also connect her iPod Shuffle or other design to her computer and also start iTunes. Wait because that your device to be detected.

Step 2. Click the "iPod" icon at top left the the window, go to the "Summary" tab indigenous left hand column, situate to the "Options" section and also make sure to examine the box alongside "Manually manage music and also videos".

Step 3. Click "Music" under "On my Device" on left sidebar to display screen all song on your iPad. Then choose all songs the you desire to delete, right click them and also hit "Delete indigenous Library".


Part 3: how to delete music native iPod with iPhone transfer

If girlfriend are searching for the technique to delete music from iPod, we will indicate you to try bsci-ch.org iphone Eraser. Its key features include:

iPhone Eraser

It has the volume to permanently delete all music indigenous iPod in one click.Besides music, iphone phone Eraser is able to delete contacts, call history, SMS, tradition settings, photos, music, videos, app data and other files from iPhone.The iphone phone erasing tool allows you to decision the level to clean data top top iPod.iPhone Eraser supports every iOS models, favor iPod Touch, iphone phone X/8/7/6/6s/5/5s/5c/4, and also iPad.It is easily accessible to home windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP and also Mac OS.Download for WinDownload for Mac

How to delete music indigenous iPod in one click

Step 1. Attach your iPod to iphone phone Eraser

Download the latest variation of best iPod erasing tool and also install the on her PC. Plug your iPod come the computer system using a Lightning cable. Launch iphone phone Eraser and let the to discover your an equipment automatically.


Step 2. Setting for delete songs from iPod

Now, you will certainly be presented three erasing levels, Low, Medium and also High. If you pick Low, it will overwrite music from her iPod one time. Tool does the twice and latter one repeats overwriting for three times. Pick an suitable erasing level according to your situations.


Step 3. Delete music indigenous iPod in one click

Finally, click the "Start" switch onthe user interface to initiate deleting music from iPod. It might take a while depending upon the number of music conserving on your iPod.

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In this tutorial, we have shared exactly how to delete song from iPod Shuffle/Nano/Touch. The iPod Touch has integrated iOS and also Apple Music. So, users might delete music from iPod one by one in apple Music application or erase every one of them in the iOS settings app. Top top the other hand, iTunes enables you to eliminate music indigenous iPod and also iTunes Library. If you require a simple method to finish this task, bsci-ch.org iphone Eraser is the finest option. That is able come delete all songs indigenous iPod with a solitary click. Us wish the our guides and suggestions are valuable to you.