How to convince her parents to obtain a guinea pig? enabling your parents to understand their personalities may convince them.Well, guinea pigs can be great pets. The life expectations of a Guinea pig is fairly long, the you can enjoy that for number of years much longer than various other rodents.They do not require a lot of open space. Castle are really social and vocal come the point that they deserve to jump and talk back at you. They won’t bark favor dogs and rip off your sofa bed. Still, keeping and also taking treatment of cavies go a lot lot of responsibilities and also a same amount of knowledge, specifically when you space living through your parents under the very same roof.This write-up will aid you convince your parents to get a guinea pig, and how to effectively take care of them.

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How come Convince her Parents?

Here are the finest ways on just how to convince her parents to obtain a guinea pig: 

Step #1. Display dedication

Research all crucial information around guinea pigs; discover them all for you to have enough knowledge if her parents ask random questions around guinea pigs.If possible, take it the right notes and also put castle in a journal; this will be her reference once answering your parents’ questions.Let your parents understand that you choose to have pet cavies. Make time to find ways exactly how to display them some of your writings about guinea pigs. (Please read below how smart Guinea pig are)Tell castle some interesting facts that would make castle curious and also let you have one.I got my cavy Ginger at a local house in mine hometown. I supplied to work-related there as an assistant. And also I learned a the majority of things choose cleaning their sanctuary and additionally understand your behavior.Your parents would be therefore happy if girlfriend volunteer at a pets’ local shelter. Discover a sanctuary in your house town that takes treatment of cavies.From there, you will certainly experience just how to take great care of them and know the various personalities that guinea pigs, and it is much easier for girlfriend to have it in your very own house. 

Step #2. Permit them know how these furry pets can benefit you

Convince your parents that owning a guinea pig would benefit your emotional health.Cavies room not the expensive, unlike other pets. They are additionally easier come feed and also don’t need high veterinarian bills.Educate your parents and also say optimistic facts politely.Says things like:“Having a pet will teach me much responsibility.”“Guinea pigs are lovable and also need to give complete attention that might practice mine responsibility.”“Cavies don’t choose expensive treats; new veggies, fruits, and also pellets room enough.”Aside from that, shot explaining logical truth that 2 guinea pig in one habitat is healthier. It would certainly be good if you have actually guinea pigs since cavies room social and also would it is in so stressed if lock don’t have a playmate inside their cage. (please read here how to do a Guinea pig cage the end of a bookshelf)If girlfriend only have actually one guinea pig, make sure that you could give it enough attention, i m sorry is what lock are. 

Step #3. It is in mature

Offer to occupational to salary the fees for her lovely pet. Dedication is the key, and also you must make it.Show them that you are responsible for having one. Do some points to negotiate like; getting good grades, remaining out of trouble, and doing family chores. That is a plus aspect of having actually one.Show some respect and stay calm. You don’t have to force your parental to have a guinea pig and also decide to plan right away.Understand and shot to see points in a various view, or ask lock politely what is the factor why lock don’t desire you to have one. 

5 Tips because that Taking treatment Of having actually Guinea Pigs

These tips would be a big help to start taking care of guinea pigs. (Please read here How to train Guinea pig) 

Tip #1

Show a promise to your parents, and indeed they would certainly be delighted to aid you. 

Tip #2

Start a “guinea pig fund” this method is better than asking her parents come buy it because that you.Buying a cavy in your own money would certainly be great.And if you require to have actually an meeting for your adorable cavy, you will certainly have sufficient money prepared. 

Tip #3 

If you want to have actually one, contact some regional shelters that carry out guinea pig adoption; surely her parents could be much more supportive the you saving animals. 

Tip #4

Guinea pigs can make great pets, and also they will help you relax stress. 

Tip #5

Do not firmly insist if her parents reply no; stay cool and calm. 

Factors When obtaining A Guinea Pig

Here space some things that you have to bear in mental if you’ll get a guinea pig together a pet: 

#1. Concealed diseases and pregnancies

There is a possibility that the guinea you are gaining is pregnant or have some skin concerns that can harm your other cavies. Better to purchase a healthy cavy than to spend so lot money top top the vet. It is in ready and also learn here how lengthy are guinea pigs pregnant. 

#2. Suitable habitat

You deserve to purchase the different designs that guinea pig cages, or you have the right to make one!It is advisable because that a guinea pig to have a minimum the 7.5 sq. Ft. Cage. Yet it is better to have 30 through 36 inches and also 10.5 sq. Ft.I indicate you put hay in their bedding due to the fact that it gives a an essential component of your diet and also helps your guinea pig warm during the winter season. 

#3. Location

It is finest to keep your cavy indoor, castle love attention but constantly keep in mind the they don’t choose too lot noise and also commotion.Place your cage indoor however somewhere quiet. Nothing let your guinea pig with other predator pets to store it safe.

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#4. Warnings and precautions

If you ever convinced your parents to have a guinea pig, you have to make sure that girlfriend will correctly take good care of it; you have to take the full credit of responsibilities for that. (please read here why perform Guinea pig shed)Before purchase or adopting one, you need to ensure that none that your household members are allergic to a guinea pig or hay, favor bluegrass, timothy hay, or other types of hay.But if her parents wouldn’t allow you to acquisition or take on one, continue to be calm and not carry a guinea pig house without any type of permission. 


Getting a guinea pig as a pet is likewise having a responsibility to take care of them. How to convince your parents to get a guinea pig is a challenging thing to do.Keep trying come convince her parents by her actions that you have the right to handle cavy really well that might readjust their mental eventually.But if castle not, respect their decision and also express how mature and also a responsible child you are.You need to keep in mind that all guinea pigs can obtain sick, specifically when you perform not care for lock well.It would be finest if you could give enough attention and also affection come them. Cavies are not just pets; they can be your best bud and your stress reliever.Reading is learning. Ns hope the you learn to convince your parents to get you a guinea pig. Say thanks to you!