Deleting a record in thePrinter's Memory

You deserve to delete a specified file in the printer's storage or delete every the documents in its memory at a time.

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When deleting a mentioned document, girlfriend specify that by its transaction number (TX/RX no.). If you execute not understand the transaction number for your target document, publish the perform of records (MEMORY LIST) first.

Make certain that theprinter is rotate on.

Select Memory reference, then push the OK button.


If no document is save in the printer's memory, No records in memory is displayed on the LCD.

Select a delete menu, then push the OK button.

Del. Mentioned doc.

You have the right to specify the record and delete it.

If you pick this menu, the record selection display screen is displayed.



A transaction number from "0001" to "4999" indicates a record being sent. A transaction number indigenous "5001" come "9999" indicates a file being received.

Each mark before the transaction number suggests the following:

No mark: indicates a black and white document.

: indicates a color document.

: suggests the file during transmission.

: shows the file sent with sequential broadcasting.

By pushing the

switch or the
button, the transaction number shown on the LCD is switched to transaction time or fax/telephone number.

Specify the record and delete it adhering to the procedure below.

Select the transaction number (TX/RX no.) the the record you desire to delete, then push the OK button.

The confirmation screen is displayed.

Select Yes, then press the OK button.

The specified record will be deleted from theprinter's memory.


If over there is not the specified paper in the printer's memory, No document is displayed, and the printer returns come the previous screen.

Delete all docs

If you choose this menu, the confirmation display is displayed.

You deserve to delete all the files in the printer's memory.

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If you pick Yes and also press the OK button, every the papers in the printer's memory will be deleted.