Removing drywall dust from walls before you paint, is up there through the west tasks EVER. Its job intensive, frustrating, and also dirty. But I’ve gained a trick the is going come blow her mind. It’s crazy, yet it works.

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When we were acquiring ready come paint, I reached out come my girlfriend Josh (you might remember the if you’re a lifer, he’s the one that aided me paint the exterior of the Nugget). Josh is a skilled painter and works for the many sought after firm in southerly Utah. Therefore I referred to as him and I was favor “hey, any kind of tips because that removing drywall dust? cause this ingredient is a nightmare.”

He responded through THE CRAZIEST thing I”VE ever HEARD.


If friend look online, which ns did, there space 2 approaches to removing drywall dust. 1. To brush it turn off the wall surface and vacuuming (repeated 3x) or 2. Use a barely damp rag to wipe the down. Lets simply imagine what that actually looks like, completely wiping down EVERY.SPOT.OF.DRYWALL…INCLUDING.CEILINGS. I mean, just sign me up because that the 7th one of hell, cause that would probably be better.

So carry out you want to understand what Josh’s trick is? that crazy. However we walk it and also it entirely worked.

You run water through your paint sprayer and also spray the walls.

Yes, v water.

Yes, on her walls.

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You spray it enough that the walls obtain wet, yet don’t oversaturate them. The drywall link absorbs the water in ~ minutes and its dry. We did it anywhere the whole Merc and also it functioned like a charm!

Full disclosure: The clues that i sprayed down with a heavier spray were completely dust free. Ns shot a video, and of food it was the wall surface that didn’t get sprayed down enough (I was worried for the life of mine camera) so there is a small bit that dust on mine glove, but obviously nothing favor it was before. So the outcomes in the below pictures aren’t showing it together awesome as it yes, really is. I hate it once that happens!!


After our prolonged drywall discussions, I have the right to say with complete confidence that this an approach works marvels on walls favor mine that room covered in share compound. Ns don’t know how it would job-related on wall surfaces that are simply taped and have most of the really drywall paper showing.

I love learning hacks choose this one that conserve time and also energy! therefore what carry out you think? Crazy? would you try it?

If you have any questions around it, leaving them below and also I’ll prize them!

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