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Hey guys, I just purchased my an initial Marlin yesterday - a 336c.I haven"t fired a shot through it yet and want to make sure i keep it in the ideal condition possible.The shop who marketed it to me oiled the lever hinge and suggested ns clean the barrel v a bore snake or clean rod prior to i fire it.They likewise suggested together i very first use it, that i fire a solitary shot, then clean the barrel - and also to repeat that process for the first couple of rounds.Is this a necessary?What else should i be mindful of for a brand new Marlin?What else have to i execute to maintain it and also keep the in the finest condition possible?Thanks in advance!

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Look under the execute it you yourself gunsmith section lot"s of great sticky info, I indicate you disassemble and clean before anything else to remove the left end machining residue, and also the preservative oil and so on put on in ~ the factory. I perform this through all new to me firearms, brand-new or supplied as you deserve to inspect before firing also (links below). As far as barrel break in... I suggest shooting 5 and clean, climate 10 and also clean, keep it at 5-10 rounds then clean till you see a diminish in copper fouling. Usage a great copper removed cleaner, boring foam etc, what your trying to execute is smooth the bore/throat area maker marks, and also clean the copper/fouling prior to building approximately let the copper cartridge smooth the an equipment marks. It will take place regardless, yet cleaning every 5-10 ring will reduce the lot of copper develop up, and possibly rest in quicker this way. I"m not sure exactly how much actual good this does, if you shoot 5 ring clean, then 10 rounds clean, climate 15, 20 that need to take care of any type of barrel rest in procedure.... Simply use a good copper remover, boring foam if you want to do a barrel break in between shots don"t allow barrel get to hot.Far much more important in my opinion come disassemble, clean the activity etc from any type of machining work left, and also the manufacturing facility preservative. Use a great oil of her choice, also a good rust preventive ( I favor eezzox for rust for preventive)I usage a cleaning rod for cleaning, good brush, jag, and also tight installation patches make cleaning much easier. I usage a boresnake before shooting come remove any oil/residue in the bore, also for a rapid cleaning if needed, yet much favor the cleaning rod for actual cleaning.How come Disassemble and Clean (says 1895 but works with 336 also)search youtube because that 336 disassembly instructions, note where the screws come the end of the receiver..snap a photo with her phone where the screws go as you take it them out, or lay them out at the threaded hole they go into and also snap a picture. Do use a good set the gunsmithing screwdrivers, if girlfriend don"t have any kind of walmart sell a set that will acquire you going.hope this helps, and also congratulations on your new marlin... Welcome to