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I have a 99 FXR and also I am afraid this is an embarrassing question. Do you check the trans fluid level while the bike is on the side stand or while erect. I am assuming that the bike need to be on the side stand also. When altering the trans liquid what carry out you men use and also just how much. I have a old HD service manual that I purchased years earlier for a 84 FLH and it additionally covers thru 90 on the FXR. It says one pint of liquid and to use HD trans lubricant. Interestingly, the book does not tell exactly how to check the trans liquid level. Thanks for any aid, I execute realize this question is more than likely not FXR specific. Aget thanks to all.
On a softail, the bike requirements to be warm(running temp). With the bike upideal, take the tranny dipstick out, wipe it off and also put it back in, but do not screw it dvery own. Rerelocate again and examine the level.I usage 90-120 synthetic in the tranny.
Like frisbee shelp, check upbest after complete warm-up. I usage Lucas 85-140 equipment oil in my 1990 FXRS and my 1990 FLHTCU; they both take a pint. You will certainly most likely want to confirm how a lot liquid specifically for your 99. I know from suffer that if you add a little too much it will certainly finish up leaking under the bike.......

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