Scroll down to the "Case Description" ar ofthe online "Submit a Case" form, then click the fieldnext to "Case Category" and select "General Support" indigenous thedrop-down menu. A "General Topics" ar appears. Select"Age confirmation Request" native the drop-downmenu.

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Click come see complete answer. Likewise, world ask, exactly how do you adjust your period on IMVU 2019?

Select "Age verification Request" from thedrop-down menu. However, you will get free imvu credits fromIMVUcredits. Enter a summary for requesting anage change top top your account.

Subsequently, inquiry is, exactly how do i hide my period on IMVU under 18? Hiding your Age in the AvatarCard action 1: click on the Account menu on theupper-right side of any IMVU page. Step 2: Scrolldown come the Avatar card section. From here, untickthe my Age checkbox.

likewise asked, how do you adjust your age on IMVU?

friend willneed to document a help ticket to have actually staff perform so for you. Just staffcan change the age on an account. To document a help ticketclick on aid at the height right hand edge of the display screen then clickon request Support and also Submit a case.

What period is IMVU for?


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How carry out you do your ar unknown on IMVU?

Hiding Your current Location in the 3D Client
action 1: access the IMVU 3D Client. For instructions, clickhere. Action 2: click the setups menu. Action 3: Under General, uncheck present my room location.
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Can I adjust my IMVU username?

STEP 1: walk to, and then login toyour account. If you room having difficulties logging in, clickhere. Step 3: Under Account Tools, click Change AvatarName. Step 4: on the Change Avatar Namewindow, friend will watch a notice indicating the number ofName Change Tokens you at this time have.
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What is IMVU supplied for?

IMVU is the #1 avatar-based society experience.Users create custom avatars and also use them to chat with strangers inrandom chats or 3D chat rooms.
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Do you need period verification for AP?

AP have the right to be purchased by 18 or older through a creditcard and also the age verification have the right to be excellent later. The secondmethod is to perfect the Age Verification token processfirst, and then purchase AP with 20,000 Credits. Each time acopy the an main ID is forced forverification.
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How deserve to I readjust my surname on IMVU for free?

To readjust your avatar name using a "name changetoken":
walk to her Account page. In the Account Tools section in the right hand side, clickChange Avatar Name. If your account has one or more name change tokens, friend willget a kind asking friend to get in your password and also the new desiredavatar name. Fill in the form.
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How lot does AP cost on IMVU?

The age Verification Token can be purchased fromIMVU because that $5.00 and the accessibility Pass have the right to be purchase fromIMVU for 20,000 Credits.
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How carry out you delete an IMVU account?

Deleting her IMVU Account
action 1: Click here to go to the Delete Account page. Step 2: top top the Delete Account page, enter your accountpassword. If you have actually forgotten her password, click here. Action 3: Click continue to proceed. Action 4: Wait because that the Success page to appear and a confirmationemail will be sent out to you.
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What walk IMVU stand for?

Instant Messaging virtual Universe
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What go AP stand for top top IMVU?

Access Pass
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How much is a IMVU Name change Token?

IMVU customers use Name readjust Tokens (orNCTs as they are regularly abbreviated to) come change theiravatar name top top IMVU. These have the right to be purchased or giftedto an additional use in our save for a perform price of$12.99.

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How execute u adjust ur period on tinder?

To change your birthday:
walk to your profile and also click Update info at the bottom that yourcover photo. In the left column, click contact and basic Info. Scroll down and hover over Birth date or birth Year, and also thenclick edit to the appropriate of the info you"d choose to change.
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How perform I readjust my period on mine Google account?

Sign into your Google account privacy web page on acomputer. Under the "Personal information & privacy" ar on theside menu, click Your personal info. Click Birthday. Clickthe pencil next to your birthdate come edit.
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