Some dealers and shops charge outrageous prices because that cabin air and also engine waiting filter changes on cars choose the Honda Fit. Here's how you have the right to perform each through no tools in under a minute.

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Doing your own company on a car can it is in a hassle. However, there are two organization items the you have the right to perform top top well-engineered vehicles prefer the Honda Fit very quickly and also without any tools. Much better yet, there room no recycled parts to go back to the store and also you don"t need to go come an auto parts store to gain what girlfriend need. Right here is just how you can adjust the engine wait filter element and also the cabin wait filter facet for under $25 total.


Where To gain PartsWe imply buying the components you require to adjust the cabin air and also engine wait filter facets online. We specifically like Amazon. The reason is the Amazon has actually a device that you can use come ensure the parts fit your precise make, design year, and also trim. Check out the reviews. You will often uncover handy tips and you will view which of the options buyers chosen best.

Honda Cabin air Filter facet aka AC FilterThe easiest air filter to readjust on a auto like the Honda right is the cabin air filter. Occasionally this is called the "AC filter" however we don"t favor that term, since it also works with the heat, and any wait entering the cabin. The cabin wait filter in practically every modern car is located behind the glove box. Developers put it over there so that service technicians could access it there is no using any tools.

The an initial step is come empty the end all that junk from your gloves box. This is a great time to obtain rid old stuff no much longer needed, possibly replace the batteries in your flashlight, and also to check that your car registration is in the box and also up to day if her state requires such paperwork. Or just dump the whole mess ~ above the floor. Her call.


Next, pinch the sides of the glove box. There room rubber stoppers on every side and when you pinch it, the box deserve to lower under further and reveals the inner functions of her dash. Look directly in and you will see a white plastic cover. Pull that out and also the filter assembly will certainly come through it.

Next, eliminate the old filter, yet keep that oriented the same method it was when it was within the frame. The way, girlfriend know exactly how the brand-new one must go in. Open your new filter and also check the air flow direction. The is additionally shown top top the frame of the filter housing. Insert that the same way it came out and then pop the gloves box earlier in place.


Honda Engine air Filter ChangeAnything under the hood might seem scary, yet the engine air filter element is really straightforward to change. In a car like the Hona Fit, the is situated at the peak front that the engine bay and also there is nothing in the means of it. Again, Honda designers designed that this method so the technicians could accessibility it easily and without any tools. Friend will watch some small metal spring clips. Snap lock back. Climate the air filter housing can be eliminated or relocated aside. In the instance of the 2007 we use in our example, the is super basic to remove.

Next, merely lift the end the filter element. Honda"s style only goes back in one way, so there is no risk of installation it improperly. Place the housing ago in that is spot, snap ago the feather clips, and also you space done.

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Why carry out Mechanics fee So lot For This?Mechanics have to make a living, and also dealerships have actually every right to hire and also employ skilled civilization to job-related on your car. However, unlike many of the things they do, this occupational is unskilled and also requires no tools.

We have seen shop bills because that as lot as $60 to readjust these filter facets - each! since the components are around $10 each, the shops room charging girlfriend $50 for literally sixty secs of work. Perform it yourself, and also be sure you keep your work neatly organized so the you know when that filter was last changed. Mark up your owner"s manual and also keep your parts receipts for the following owner come see. They will be happy to view you maintained your vehicle properly. That can add value come your auto at trade-in time.

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