Fly to Couriway Town . Head north into Route 18 - Vallee Etroite Way and hop on end to Terminus Cave from here. Get in it through the key entrance. If you haven’t discover it yet, you might want come skip ago to the ar on Terminus Cave (Gym 8) and also go through it prior to reading on. As soon as you’re ready; proceed reading.

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Inside, follow the course to the next collection of stairs top down. From over there head southern to the ramp. Once you reach the ramp, head west native it over to the ledges. Jump end the ledges. Currently walk increase the ramp to your west and follow the path throughout the bridge.

Once you’re throughout the bridge head southern until you relocate down a ramp. Once you do, take it the ramp leading as much as your east. Head over the bridge, climate loop around and walk under the ramp. Head north previous the worker. When you see the stairs to your east head down them.

In the following area, head north past the fight Girl. Keep going north, winding a little until you reach a black Belt. When you do, head eastern from him. When you see a path leading south, take it. You’ll walk past another Black Belt. Follow the path roughly until friend reach 2 ramps, one to either side of you. Take the one top up east.

You’ll come ~ above a pair that Rangers. Head south past them, climate follow the course until the splits right into two paths, one top east and also one west. Take it the route leading east and you’ll with stairs top up. Take them. In this area, monitor the course leading increase north, up a few ramps. At the height you’ll uncover another collection of stairs. Head up them too.

In this area, head north. You’ll involved a point where the path splits into six paths, consisting of the one you just came from, the southerly path. Head under the south-west course to find an Adamant Orb in ~ the end. Head earlier to whereby the courses split and also take the south-east path to uncover a Lustrous Orb at the end.

Head earlier and take it the north-east path. In ~ the end, use your Dowsing device to discover a hidden Big Nugget . Native there, walk pack and take the north-western part. You’ll find a Griseous Orb . Sweet! currently head back to whereby the courses split. Finally, take it the route north.

You’ll find Zygarde here! Time to take it him on! Obviously, save the game prior to you battle it as you only obtain the one chance to capture it . If you end up failing, restart the video game and try again till you do. Bring heaps that Ultra Balls or a Master Ball if you have actually it. As soon as you’re ready, communicate with it and the fight will begin!

Legendary Pokemon Battle¶


Obviously, you’ll want to record this man - short of trading, you’ll be lucky to find this Pokémon again. The sure-shot method would be to use the Master Ball . However, the master Ball is a one-time item that you’ll desire to conserve for an ext annoying Pokémon that just have to run far from you. Or at least an ext powerful Pokémon.

The other way? Teach a Pokémon to usage **** Stun Spore or Glare and also False Swipe . One of two people of the very first two moves deserve to be used for Paralysis, which boosts capture rates. False Swipe is a 40-Power Normal relocate that won’t kill. (If girlfriend can’t use it, try moves that deal less damage than normal: it’s riskier, though!)

You can shot using False Swipe for two turns after Paralysis is induced to shot and see how well the quadruple-rate quick Ball will do on this fourth turn. If it fails, then just lower the Pokémon’s HP to 1 and then begin shooting Ultra Balls in ~ it.

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Keep monitor of turns, though - ~ 20 turns pass, the Timer Balls will start to be much more effective. They have a x3.0 catch rate at that point (Ultra just is x2.0 ), yet if you’re low in number, you might want come wait some an ext until they’re approximately x4.0 later. Dusk Balls likewise work, since you’re in a cavern.

(For the record, status-wise, Sleep and Frozen room 33% much more effective come the capture rate than Paralysis . However; neither stat is permanent without curing, and also no move causes Freezing there is no damaging the Pokémon.)