What is the right convention to deal with these problems? part websites law both of this scenarios similar? but I think that in case of larger you need to do

if how numerous times b higher than ado b-a/a.

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Let"s say a=9, b=3;

So I acquire these answers. Are these answers correct?

1: a is 3 time b.2: a is 2 times better than b.3: a is 300% time b.4: a is 200% times better than b.

My man is that in this question, writer does the opposite of what he have to do.

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The inquiry that you attach to offers the phrase "...how numerous times larger was...".

You use the expression greater than in her question, and this is what causes the problem. There is one ambiguity about whether the is the comparative sizes of their differences that you discuss.

The truth is the 2 is two times larger than 1. The fact is the 1.5 is three times bigger than 0.5. The reality is the $b$ is $(b \div a)$ times bigger than $a$. The web page you connect to is correct.

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The expression "A is what % of B" need to be composed as $A=x\cdot B$. And also now solve for x, and also then main point by 100.

Example 1a: If A is 100, and B is 50, climate $100=x\cdot 50$, means that $x = 2$, and also A is 200% that B.

The expression "A is what % better than B," must be created as $A=x\cdot B$, just as before. However now, once you deal with for x, and multiply by 100, you want to take the additional step of subtracting 100. Notice that this will only work-related if A is actually higher than B.

Example 1b: In the over example, A would be 100% higher than B.

Example 2: if A is 150, and also B is 100, then addressing for x in $A=x\cdot B$, would offer us $x = 1.5$, and so A is 150% the B. However A is 50% higher than B.

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