Venous access is a priority for civilization who inject medicine (PWID). Damage and also scarring that peripheral veins can exacerbate health and wellness harms, such as skin and soft tissue infections (SSTI), and also promote transitions to femoral and also subcutaneous injecting. Brown heroin obtainable in Europe calls for acidification because that injection preparation. In this paper, we current mixed-methods data to discover our hypothesis of a link in between overly acidic injection solutions, venous damage and SSTI risk.

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We existing a structured inspection (n = 455) and in-depth qualitative interview (n = 31) data created with PWID in London because that the treatment & prevent study. Participants listed life history data and also detail top top injecting environments and also drug preparation practices, including the usage of acidifiers. Bivariate and multivariate analyses were carried out using a logistic regression for binary outcomes to discover associations between outcomes and excessive acidifier use. Base theory ethics informed inductive qualitative analysis. Mixed-methods triangulation was iterative with outcomes comparison informing the direction and questions inquiry of additional analyses.


Of the 455 participants, most (92%) injected heroin and/or crack cocaine, through 84% using citric together their major acid for drug preparation. Overuse the acidifier to be common: the the 418 who noted an estimate, 36% (n = 150) used more than ½ a sachet, v 30% (n = 127) making use of a whole sachet or more. We uncovered associations between acidifier overuse, femoral injecting and DVT, but not SSTI. Qualitative accounts to mark the role of bad heroin quality, crack cocaine use, information and also manufacturing border in acidifier overuse. Ache injections and damage come peripheral veins were common and often attributed come the use of citric acid.


To alleviate injecting-related injury and associated consequences, the is an important to recognize the interplay of environmental and also practice-based dangers underpinning venous damage among PWID. Overuse that acidifier is a modifiable threat factor. In the lack of structural support such as safe injecting facilities or the prescribing of medicine diamorphine, over there is an urgent have to revisit injecting paraphernalia design and distribution in order come alleviate health harms and also distress among the many marginalised.

‘Care & Prevent’ is a five-phase mixed-methods study <1> that explores skin and soft tissue infection (SSTI) risk, sequelae, care and prevention with people who inject medicine (PWID) in London. In this paper, the first in a series on treatment & prevent findings, we explore associations between acidifier use and also SSTI risk, unpack detailed accounts that injection preparation practice and discuss options for reducing acidifier related harm, making use of survey and also qualitative data native phases 2 and also 4, respectively. We emphasis on acidifier use due to the fact that we hypothesise a link in between overly acidic injection solutions, venous damage and SSTI risk.

Acid is vital to prepare brown heroin (used in Europe) and crack cocaine for injection, as these base type drugs are poorly dissolve in water. The enhancement of acid promotes switch of heroin and/or crack right into a soluble, injectable type <2>. The specific amount of acid necessary to dissolve the psychosis opiates in heroin varies relying on drug quality and weight also as form of acidifier used. Laboratory experiments using heroin sourced v United Kingdom (UK) street markets highlight that 27 mg of citric mountain (‘two pinches’) or 67 mg that vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is adequate to dissolve the 140 mg that diamorphine base existing in a 250-mg heroin sample (selected as in top weight selection of £10 heroin samples) <2>. Both amounts, however, are smaller than the 100-mg citric acid and 300-mg vitamin C sachetsFootnote 1 provided for injection preparation in the UK. Promoted as ‘single use’, the 100-mg sachet load is dictated by manufacturing process constraints, not due to the fact that it is the amount compelled to prepare a typical solitary heroin injection <2, 3>. Through the proviso the injections also including crack cocaine require added acidifier, us posit the the usage of more than half a sachet the citric mountain or vitamin C is extraneous to the dissolution requirements of a common £10 bag the street heroin because that injection and is possibly causative that harm.

Prior come 2003, the supplication of citric acid and also vitamin C for injection preparation was in contravention the the UK law. PWID generally used family members acids, such together lemon juice and also vinegar, and also purchased tubs the citric acid and also vitamin C with pharmacies and home brew suppliers, whereby available. In 2000, retail access to citric acid and vitamin C declined markedly ~ the pharmaceutical Journal released a letter indigenous a pharmacist elevating concerns about the legality the acidifier supply <4>. Agreements come protect versus prosecution were sought and also formalised in some localities <2, 3>, with PWID progressively using lemon and vinegar in others. The usage of lemon juice in injection preparation can reason the fungal eye epidemic Candida endophthalmitis, with outbreaks documented amongst PWID in the 1980s and also 1990s <5>. New reports the eyesight problems and blindness amongst PWID motivated the advance and start of single-use citric acid sachets in 2001 and also vitamin C sachets in 2003 <6>. Amendments to section 9A that the Misuse of medicine Act legalised your supply v medical and also harm reduction companies in 2003 (citric) and 2005 (vitamin C).

Early evaluations the citric mountain supply because that injection in the UK showed that the access of citric mountain sachets attracted PWID into needle and syringe programs (NSPs) <3> and also increased attendance frequency <7>, denote acceptability and also widespread uptake. However, due to the fact that this early interest—largely precipitation by the regulation change—there has been small research exploring the role of acidifier in injection preparation or its potential function in exacerbating venous damage and also SSTI risk. Legalised supplication of acidifier for injection in the UK only occurred after concerted lobbying by damage reduction organisations and also providers concerned around the health damages of family members acid use. As a hard-won and also necessary intervention, the potential of citric acid and vitamin C to produce, and avert, injecting-related injury was understandably overlooked.

A minimal literature suggests associations in between vein damage and also acidifier use throughout injection preparation. Ciccarone and also Harris <8> tested their hypothesis of a causal link between heroin systems acidity and venous sclerosis in one exploratory examine with PWID in London and also Philadelphia. They took still and video photographs the the heroin ready process, questioning each participant to carry out a tiny sample to it is in tested because that pH before being interviewed around their injecting practice. UK heroin solutions all set with citric acid had actually a high mountain (average pH = 2.6), close come the mountain of alcohol vinegar, and almost ten times much more acidic 보다 solutions prepared with vitamin C (avg. PH = 3.4). Medicine heroin was the the very least acidic (pH =4.8); similar to injections ready in Philadelphia (avg. PH = 4.7) whereby Columbian-sourced powder heroin (hydrochloride salt form) predominates. Salt kind heroin, unequal the Afghanistan-sourced basic heroin used in the UK, is very soluble and does not require acidifier for injection preparation. London participants associated painful injections and also vein damage to citric acid use, through Philadelphia participants reporting minimal vein damage or injecting-related injury native heroin injecting. Three UK research studies report PWID participants commonly using a entirety sachet of citric acid for each heroin injection <3, 9, 10>. Qualitative studies show uncertainty among PWID around how lot acid that is suitable to usage for injection preparation and attributions that vein damages to citric acid usage <8, 11>.

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Understanding the reasons of venous sclerosis is fundamental to harm reduction initiatives for PWID. Damage and sclerosis of peripheral veins have the right to lead to multiple injection attempts, enhanced blood in the environment and transitions come femoral and subcutaneous injecting <8, 12, 13>. Femoral vein injecting increases risk that venous insufficiency and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) <14, 15>, which deserve to lead to venous ulcers, organization necrosis, amputation and also potentially fatal pulmonary embolism. Subcutaneous injecting is associated with SSTI such as abscesses and cellulitis. SSTI are raising cause that acute and chronic morbidity among PWID <16,17,18>. Cross-sectional ubiquity in the UK and also US ranges from 10 come 36%, with life time prevalence together high as 70% <19,20,21,22>. National UK data native 2014 evidence 10% of PWID reporting hospital admission for SSTI in the preceding year <17, 23> with hospitalisations increasing annually due to the fact that 2012 <18>. Damaged veins not just precipitate health and wellness harms, such together hepatitis C, venous ulcers and SSTI, but are an acute source of enduring for PWID <13>. Interventions attending to immediate priorities that PWID, together as maintaining venous access, are critical and most likely to have an ext currency than those focused on long-term dangers <13>.