I"m not sure whether I want to come to be a vampire or a werewolf, or simply remain a normal human being being. I"d prefer a possibility to check out all my options.

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I understand there are means to cure vampirism and also lycanthropy. And also I"m pretty sure there"s ways, at the very least with vampirism, come re-acquire the conditions.

What I want to recognize is if over there is ever a suggest of no return? Is over there a point past i beg your pardon you end up being immune to either or both of these, or a suggest past i m sorry one or both deserve to no longer be cured? How many times deserve to I adjust my mind before reaching among these points?

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DLC Dawnguard Information

If you have the DLC Dawnguard you have the right to flip ago and forth in between the too.From the Skyrim Wiki:

"In Dawnguard, if you room cured the Lycanthropy or if you come to be a vampire lord you have the right to talk to Aela and she deserve to make friend a Werewolf again and also it cancels out your vampirism evil versa. If girlfriend would choose to it is in a Vampire mr again, speak come Serana."

Skyrim without Dawnguard

Without the DLC when you space cured of Lycanthropy. You can not get it again, v the exception Hircine"s Ring. As long as girlfriend don"t have Lycanthropy, you can contract Sanguinare Vampiris (which transforms you into a vampire) native a vampire. Over there is a 10% opportunity to contract it once they cast Vampric drain on you. If you cure it you deserve to contract the again through the same method.

The essential thing to keep in mind is Lycanthropy cures Sanguinare Vampiris. So if you have Sanguinare Vampiris and also then acquire Lycanthropy you will cease gift a vampire.

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Lycanthropy limitation

With or without the Dawnguard DLC, friend can"t (without the use of PC-only console commands) switch ago and soon as many times as you would like between being a werewolf and also being a vampire.

According come the UESP wiki"s "Aela the Huntress" article (emphasis mine):

If you have cured you yourself of lycanthropy, over there is no method to reclaim it in the base game. However, the Dawnguard add-on gives a one-time possibility to gain back your lycanthropy by speak to Aela.

After being cured the lycanthropy, simply discover Aela and speak v her. You will have actually the choice to tell she you great to regain the gift that beast blood. She will certainly respond, "Do you, now? Hircine doesn"t commonly bestow his favor on the fickle. However you"ve proven her worth. I"m ready to try. Space you all set now?" If girlfriend tell her you need much more time to prepare yourself, she will finish the conversation through answering, "Go. Reconsider her plight." If you then go back to her you deserve to go v the conversation again, and it will continue as before. When you pick to tell she you are ready, she just says "Hold still, then." Your display screen will revolve black for a second, then a miracle aura will certainly circle about you and a article will appear on the peak left that your display stating "Beast Blood Added". The conversation is now over, and also if you pick to cure her lycanthropy again, there will certainly not be an additional chance for Aela to reclaim it.

TLDR: without the Dawnguard DLC, you can only come to be a werewolf once. Through the Dawnguard DLC, you can end up being a werewolf twice, if you"ve cured you yourself of lycanthropy the very first time around.

Console commands

If you room playing top top the pc and have the Dawnguard DLC installed, you have the right to use console regulates that will allow Aela to turn you into a werewolf ~ your second time to be turned (allowing friend to conveniently switch to gift a vampire and werewolf ago and soon as many times together you would certainly like). You can do this by entering the console commands then conversing with Aela to revolve you into a werewolf, and conversing with Serana to rotate you right into a Vampire lord (or just be a vanilla vampire).

You can allow the conversation choice "I great to gain back the gift of beast blood" come Aela v the console command: resetquest 0200f899

If you encounter issues with the over console command, get in player.setstage F6090 100 to pressure a cure before using the console command to enable the conversation option.

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Console commands info from: The Nexus forums post, "Dawnguard Regifting Lycanthropy "


Serana won"t be able to turn you into a Vampire lord if she has cured herself of vampirism.