Have you ever wanted to it is in the star the a fact TV show? Well, now’s her chance! duke it out through your fellow contestants and avoid elimination to success the show’s grand prize and become a hero to her hometown in the online virtual world, fact TV Island.

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Released: February 24, 2010 (for members)or in march 24, 2010 (for all)Common Room: BilliardsPreceded by: Counterfeit IslandSucceeded by: Mythology Island

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Video Walkthrough

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Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough composed by Mega young & Slanted FishSpecial thanks to: Silverwolf1, clever Crown, Spotted Dragon, Purplering, bsci-ch.orgca Buddies

Welcome to Reality TV Island, where you get to be a contestant top top a reality TV game show and also compete to be the hometown hero!

Tabloid & Application

Walk into Mike’s Market and also head right. Talk to the man by the fresh donuts analysis a blue tabloid magazine, and also he’ll tell you the he’s gained to go see Reality TV Island. In his rush to leave, he’ll fall his Tabloid. Choose it up.


Boulder Push

Keep left-clicking quickly on your computer system mouse on your boulder rock, as fast as girlfriend can, to with the end up line first.


Coconut Catch

When the monkey litter coconuts, you have to jump and shot to record them prior to the rather do. Remain to the left and also center if you can. All coconuts are fair game, but grabbing the bunches of 3 coconuts will aid you obtain to her objective faster, boosting your possibilities of gift the winner. The winner is the an initial to get 20 coconuts.


Pole Climb

The objective of this difficulty is to continue to be on the poles and move ideal or left, if trying to avoid the fall coconuts. Click appropriate or left to evade the falling coconuts.

Tip: When a coconut just goes under on among the poles, run to that pole. Always watch the optimal of your pole because that coconuts. The first to with the peak of the pole wins.

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Congratulations, you have completed truth TV Island! You will be awarded the reality TV Island Medallion and credits to invest in the bsci-ch.orgca Store.

(Tip: If you ever want to restart the show and play the challenges again, just take a journey on the helicopter! However, you have the right to only win the keep credits once.)

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