You won"t require a mechanic to adjust, aim or align the headlights on her Chevrolet Silverado 1500; just use this easy-to-execute DIY instructions.

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This article uses to the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (1999-present).

It"s recommended the you adjust, aim and align the headlights on your Chevrolet Silverado 1500 because that the safest and most comfortable drive possible. The process does not take a significant amount of time to complete; however, friend will want to do all required adjustments slowly and also carefully to ensure you are achieving the ideal alignment and positioning possible. We will certainly walk you v each step, explaining i beg your pardon adjustments will have to be made and also how, and offer cutting-edge tips on exactly how to inspect your work.


Step 1 – note your garage door or wall

Drive her truck to in ~ 6 customs of her garage door or other level vertical surface.If her driveway does not sell a flat and even surface from which you can work, it"s recommended the you use a wall surface (preferably one that is white or irradiate in color for basic viewing).Turn on her low beam headlights, and also then move over to her garage door v your masking tape; make sure to traction the brake so that is correctly engaged prior to exiting her cabin.Make a straight center line follow me the garage door or wall surface marking the lateral distance between your passenger side and driver"s side low beam lights.Add a horizontal facility line to inspect for complete alignment.Jump ago into your vehicle, revolve on the ignition and also slowly back away from your garage door or wall. You need to be at an exact distance the 24 feet native the garage door or wall surface for this action to work.It"s recommended the you usage a tape measure to ensure specific measurement.

Step 2 – readjust and align headlights

With the prior of your truck parked encountering the outside of your garage door, popular music the hood of her truck to begin the adjustment process.

Adjust the bolts on her headlights starting with the bolt closest to the outside curve of her left-side guard.This bolt will readjust downward leading to your headlight to lower.Adjust the bolt closest to the engine to relocate your headlight left to right.You"ll need a star socket set for this step.
Figure 1. Make certain you have the correct size tools.

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Step 3 – target the headlights

Aim your headlights therefore the biggest illumination hits about 2 inches under from the horizontal line and also 2 inches to the right of the vertical lines. It"s recommended that you carry out this DIY annually, together your headlights are prone come misalignment as time passes.

Pro TipsAim the headlights on her Silverado 1500 truck till both political parties are totally aligned.It"s recommended that you cheat down and to the appropriate to prevent offending other chauffeurs on the roadway late at night.Adjust her headlights, as needed.

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Step 4 – check the headlights

It"s recommended that you adjust your headlights at night, therefore you have the right to see the complete intensity of your headlights and their positioning. As well, provide your van a spin as soon as to make sure your headlights are level and readjusted to your liking.