If you want to have an arrow, circle or other graphic follow a subject or object in a video in iMovie, you'll need to first create the graphic, and then use picture-in-picture and the keyframe computer animation tools in iMovie to guide the graphic transparent the video clip action.

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Check out complying with a relocating Subject v an arrowhead or circle in iMovie at YouTube because that closed captioning and an ext options.

Video Transcript: Hi, this is Gary with bsci-ch.org. Today let me show you just how to acquire an arrow, circle, or various other graphic to follow a topic using iMovie.bsci-ch.org is carried to you many thanks to more than 700 supporters. Go to bsci-ch.org/patreon. There you can read an ext about the Patreon campaign. Sign up with us to gain exclusive content and course discounts.So let"s to speak you have some video footage and also you want to it is in able to point out a particular person or things in the footage even though it"s moving. Friend can create an arrow, circle, or other graphic nice easily, bring it into iMovie and also animate that so it adheres to that human being along.I"m going to begin over here in Keynote, not in iMovie, since I need to create a graphic, choose an arrow or circle, to monitor someone. Currently you deserve to use any kind of graphics app that can produce transparent images. So you have the right to do this in something favor Acorn, Pixelmator, or Photoshop or whatever you want. I"m simply going to usage Keynote since I know it"s totally free and most Mac users have it. I"ve started here with a empty template. I"m walking to remove the stuff here and I"m walk to adjust the document size over here to Document, record and walk from widescreen come Customize on slide Size. Now I simply need miscellaneous smallish. A small arrow or something. For this reason I"m walk to do 480 by 480, a small square. So I have actually a square form now. I"m going to include a shape to it. I deserve to do, say, a circle favor this. Then walk to Format, adjust the Border to a line and let"s say let"s make the line red. Climate I have the right to take the to fill and change it come No Fill. Now I have a circle.But for this example I"m going use an arrow. So I"m walk to pick the arrowhead shape here. I"m walk to go to Arrange and also turn it 270 degrees so it"s pointing down and stretch this the end a little so the fills many of this graphic. We"ll be able to set the dimension in iMovie therefore I"m not really worried around the dimension here. I simply want that to it is in as big as possible. Therefore something choose that. Let"s go and adjust the layout so the Fill color is a nice bright red. To make it stand out on almost any elevator I"m walking to collection a border come white. So it"s usually a white border approximately red so the will show up also if the colors room red there. You have the right to see the white will certainly make it show better.Let"s go and also Export this as a transparent graphic. There"s a couple steps because that that. One is click the background again or click on the slide here on the left. Then go to Format, slide Layout. Then change the background to No Fill. An extremely Important! You have to do this or this won"t be a transparent image. You"ll get a black color box through a red arrow in it rather of simply the red arrow. Currently go to File, export To, and also Images. In here pick Format, PNG, and also make certain Export through transparent lift is checked. Also very important. Then Export this out. Therefore I"ll simply save it and call this Arrow.Now we have the right to switch into iMovie. Right here in iMovie I have actually some footage of some soccer players and also I desire to follow on certain soccer player by having this arrow over her head. For this reason let"s carry the arrowhead in. Right here in the Finder you might see I referred to as this Arrow and also created a folder referred to as Arrow and inside that are every one of the slides. There"s only one slide. Simply this arrowhead here. For this reason I"m walking to drag that into the timeline here over the clip. For this reason it appears here in ~ the top. Now we desire to reposition this therefore it"s every the way to the left and it stretches all the method across the whole clip. Right now it"s a cutaway. Therefore you can see exactly how it fully replaces the video that"s there. I"m walking to pick it and I"m going come make sure I click here, the video clip overlay settings. For this reason make sure that"s selected and also you see this autumn down menu and adjust from Cutaway to Picture-in-Picture.Now you"ll watch it as a small picture-in-picture and it"s transparent. Notification the black background isn"t there since it exported it appropriately from Keynote. Ns just have this nice arrowhead here. I deserve to enlarge that or shrink it and make that pretty small, like that. I can place it everywhere I want. Yet if ns play this video you can see that the arrowhead just stays in one place. That doesn"t relocate with the player. Now we have actually to include that functionality. We"re walk to perform that by using Keyframe Animation.Let"s modify this picture-in-picture class here. With it selected I want to make sure that I"m viewing the picture-in-picture information. I want to change the Fade In and also Fade out to Nothing therefore it"s over there from the really beginning and also stays to the really end. I desire to select it down right here so you can see there"s a yellow outline around it. I"ll choose it here near the left. It"s really hard to choose the left edge. For this reason I"m walking to pick it near the left and also I"m going to usage the left arrowhead on my keyboard to relocate all the way to the beginning. Now that it"s in ~ the start I desire to place picture-in-picture to be at a great starting point. So I"m walk to have it over this player appropriate here. For this reason that"s a good starting point. Notice these controls here. These are the Keyframe computer animation Controls. If you don"t see these, sometimes they disappear, simply click right here to revolve Off this controls and also click below to revolve them ago On and also they"ll show up again. Now we have the right to click right here to add a Keyframe. Currently I"m walking to usage the best arrow an essential on my key-board to advancement five frames in the video. You can see the players move. I"m going come click right here again to add another Keyframe and also reposition the arrow. Climate I"m going come go four or five frames again, add another Keyframe, and position this simply perfectly around her head. Proceed to execute that about every five frames together she moves with the video. Always including the Keyframe an initial and then adjusting the arrow.Now why every 5 frames? You can do the every single frame if you wanted to. The would just take a really long time. Law it an ext than five frames really might have the arrowhead trailing or top a small bit sometimes. Five seemed about right but you may want to select something else depending on how rapid the action is happening in the video clip you room using.So let"s see where we room at so far. If I use these arrows here I can go ago to the vault keyframe and also you can see it run back, the video and the arrow, come the previous keyframe. I can go and look at all the different keyframes here. I deserve to go front to walk forward till this button isn"t caused anymore. It means that"s the last keyframe. So currently I can continue to include another one. She"s disappeared somewhere ago there but we will keep the arrowhead moving on.Now with simply this so much I can preview what I"ve got. So I"m going to on slide this ago to it is in the beginning here and I"m going come play the video. You can see the arrowhead follows her till the finish of mine keyframes and also then it just stays there. So now what I"ve acquired to perform is I need to use this controls. Remember if castle disappear just click here and also here to lug it increase again. Make certain you have this selected. I deserve to use this left arrow here come go earlier to the previous keyframe and also continue. Therefore I"ll go five more frames, add a keyframe, and move the arrow. I"ll do that because that the entire rest here.So now that I"m every done I have the right to play it back and check out the result. One more thing you can include is a zero with simply clicking this switch here. Once you add that it actually adds a little bit that a dark shadow roughly the object to do it standout even much more from the video clip behind it. Once you"re excellent you could always change things. Therefore you deserve to click in here. Go almost everywhere that friend want. Click here and you carry up the Keyframe tools. Usage the right and also left arrows to go back and forth between every one of the keyframes that you"ve set and change any among them. Therefore if one is a small bit off you could readjust it. You could also include extra ones.

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For this reason you can see this jumps in between these 5 frames here however there"s nothing to protect against me from going to a keyframe and also then possibly advancing 2 or three adding another keyframe in-between those existing 2 to fine tune a ar where probably the activity is happening a little bit faster.That"s basically just how you perform it. You have the right to have any single arrow or circle or something follow a subject approximately in your videos so you can point them the end in situations like this.