Tumblr"s Ask feature enables your blog readers to sfinish inquiries and comments straight to your Tumblr mailbox, wright here you can respond to them either publicly or privately. However, readers may not know this feature is available unless you administer a attach to the Ask box in your sidebar. You have the right to include the attach manually, or you can use Tumblr"s "Add a Page" feature to produce the attach instantly.

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Create Link Manually

Go to your Tumblr dashboard and click "Customize" to open up your template settings web page.

Click inside the Description box in the left pane at the point wbelow you desire the link to appear in your sidebar.

Go into the complying with line of code: Ask Me Anypoint Replace "Ask Me Anything" if you choose to use one more word or phrase for the connect.

Click "Save" and then "Exit."

Create Link Automatically

Go to your Tumblr dashboard and also click "Customize" to open your design template settings page.

Scroll to the bottom of the left pane, and then click "Add a Page" to open up a page development window.

Change the URL in the brand-new home window to "username.tumblr.com/ask". Use your own Tumblr username rather of "username."

Enter a page title such as "Ask Me Anypoint." What you enter here appears as a connect on your sidebar.

Get in anypoint in the summary field -- it doesn"t present up on your Ask web page, but Tumblr won"t let you continue till you enter somepoint.

Move the toggle switch at the top of the window to the right. This tells Tumblr to include the page title as a connect in the sidebar.

Click "Save," and also then departure the customization web page. The attach to your Ask page appears in the sidebar in addition to links to any various other pperiods you develop.


Before readers deserve to submit inquiries, you must allow the Ask function in your blog settings. To allow the feature, click the gear icon on your dashboard and select the name of your blog. Check package alongside "Let People Ask Questions," and also inspect "Allow Anonymous Questions" if you desire to enable this choice. Click "Save" when done.

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