Blake Griffin is an NBA player who previously played for the Los Angeles Clippers. He to be traded turn off to the Detroit Pistons in 2018.

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once Clippers drafted him, the soon sufficient went on to victory the NBA Rookie of The Year. On height of this, he also won the Slam Dunk Contest.

If you need any more memory jogging, that is likewise the ex-boyfriend the the highest-paid model Kendall Jenner. The pair, however, damaged it off cordially as result of unknown reasons.

Blake Griffin versus The Wizards

The jersey number 23 player serves as the strength forward and also center player for the Pistons. He has sustained rather a few injuries in his NBA career and even injured self in the first season, causing him to miss out on the totality season.

Nevertheless, he come out far better and stronger. Several world refer come him as one of the biggest rookie players in NBA history.

The dad of two has actually earned around $160 million in his an initial decade through the Clippers. The is no wonder a decorated player who has actually a pretty effective career in the NBA.

Besides that, his touch with the film industry is no surprise news either. He also has part suggestions to sign up with the films in situation basketball doesn’t work-related out.

Let’s look in ~ some fast facts prior to getting right into details about his life.

Quick Facts

Full NameBlake Austin Griffin
Birth DateMarch 16, 1989
Birth PlaceOklahoma City, Oklahoma
Nick NameHigh Griffinition
EthnicityHalf Afro-Haitian, fifty percent White
EducationUniversity of Oklahoma
Father’s NameTommy Griffin
Mother’s NameGail Griffin
SiblingsTaylor Griffin
Age32 years old (as the July 2021)
Height6ft 9in
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
ProfessionNBA player
Current TeamDetroit Pistons
PositionPower Forward, Centre
Active Years2009-present
Marital StatusUnmarried
Ex-partnerBrynn Cameron
KidsTwo; Ford Griffin and Finley Griffin
Net Worth$110 million
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter
MerchJersey, Funko Pop, Posters
Last UpdateOctober, 2021

Blake Griffin | early on life, Family and Education

Griffin to be born in Oklahoma on in march 16, 1989, come Tommy Griffin, a head coach, and also Gail Griffin. The NBA player played under his father and won 4 high institution state titles. He, alongside his brother, to be homeschooled through his mommy right till high school.

The 31-year-old has actually an enlarge brother named Taylor Griffin, who also played in the NBA and was an all at once 48th pick.

He to be last known to have actually played in the Italian series for Pallacanestro Trapani. together of now, the is not playing skilled basketball anymore.

The above photo shows Blake v his brother Taylor. After ~ homeschooling, it rotates the eighth grade, Blake joined Oakland Christian School, wherein his father was the head coach. That played because that the school for four years before heading come college.

The six-foot nine-inch Player was convinced by his brother and also the coach to join the college of Oakland. He ultimately played for two periods with his brother prior to being picked by the LA clippers.

Blake Griffin | Age, Height, and Weight

The former Clipper weighs around 250lb, i.e., 113 kg, with a spectacular height of 6 feet 9 inches. He newly turned 31 years old top top March 16, 2020.

Blake Griffin | Basketball Career

High institution Career

In high school, Griffin played alongside his brothers Taylor. The Griffin brothers went on to win two state champions together.

During the summer that his small year, he also played against Kevin Durant and also Ty Lawson‘s AAU team. In enhancement to that, the won two state champions after his brother saw college.

In his junior year, the coach of Oklahoma Sooners and also his brother convinced him to join the University that Oklahoma. That was lastly sold the end on the idea due to the fact that he got the chance to play through his brothers again because that his residence state.

Senior Year was a great year because that Griffin together the Tulsa World, and The Oklahoman called him the title ‘Player of the Year.’

Additionally, he was the Gatorade Oklahoma Player that the Year and also was selected come the McDonald’s All-American, where he winner the Powerade Jam Fest Slam Dunk Contest.

College Career

In college, the NBA player soon came to be the most popular and highest-rated recruit. He suffered a couple of injuries in his knee in his freshman year and missed a couple of games, yet he was earlier on the court in a issue of days.

The 31-year-old likewise suffered a concussion in his sophomore year 5 minutes right into the game.

Blake Griffin play For The Sooners In College

Blake Griffin was awarded all six of the nationwide Player that the year awards during his sophomore year.

He went on to end up being the very first player in the school history of Oklahoma to win the Naismith Award, Oscar Robertson Trophy, Adolph Rupp Trophy, John wood Award, and the connected Press player of the year.

NBA Career

Los Angeles Clipper drafted Blake in the 2009 draft in the first overall. Back his injury collection him back two years, he returned and made the All-Star game.

Not to mention his win in the Slam Dunk Contest, causing plenty of publications to give him the title ‘Greatest rookie of the year.’

Blake Griffin Playing against Wizards

Fast forward to 2018; The Clippers the traded come the Detroit Pistons, wherein he scored his career-high that 50 points versus the 76rs. Nevertheless, his injuries kept bugging him, forcing the to miss out on the 2019-20 season.

Awards and also Honors

Following are some of the success and honors of the basketball player:

Six times NBA All-Star native the year 2011 to 2015 and 2019Three time All-NBA 2nd Team indigenous the year 2012 come 2014Two time All-NBA 3rd Team in the year 2015 and 2019NBA Rookie that the Year in the year 2011All-Rookie very first Team in the year 2011Slam Dunk Contest champion in the year 2011National college Player of the Year in the year 2009Oscar Robertson Trophy in the year 2009

Blake Griffin | Relationship and Kids

Blake Griffin was involved to a previous basketball player for the college of southern California, Brynn Cameron. The pair shares two adorable children, specific Ford Griffin, seven years old, and Finley Griffin, who is four years old.

However, they damaged up in July the 2017, finishing their engagement. In September of that year, the NBA player to be photographed v Kendall Jenner, and the dating rumors started dispersing around.

Blake Griffin and also Kendall Jenner room hanging out.

Despite not confirming as to whether they date or not, they were seen v each other an extremely often.

In Feb 2018, the sister of American soccer player Jordan Cameron filed a palimony lawsuit versus Griffin for stranding her and also their children to date Jenner.

She claimed he cared more about the attention and press he obtained from date a top design than a responsible father and also partner.

The mom of 2 even declared that he totally blindsided her and also made her sign a prenuptial agreement before the wedding the was an alleged to take location on July 28, 2017.

Unlike the really plans, the instead damaged up and also went ~ above to day high-profile models.

Griffin back denied every the allegations, and the sue was worked out privately ~ a year. Soon after, rumors began swirling the she was paid $258,000 per month for boy support. However, both of lock denied such allegations.

As that now, Blake is date Francesca Aiello, that is the owner and designer the Frankie’s Bikinis. They have actually been doubt to be date for a while now and also seem to be going strong.

Legal Drama

In October 2014, The NBA player was charged through a misdemeanor once he allegedly struck Daniel Schuman through grabbing his neck and slapping him.

He also reportedly take it the guy’s phone due to the fact that he was taking pictures of the Clippers players. The charges, however, were dismissed.

Blake Griffin | network Worth, Salary and also Charity

Net Worth and Salary

The power forward player has a sparkling network worth that $110 million as of 2021. Together for his career earnings, Blake portrays $255 million.

In addition to that, the earns an ext than 30 million per year native the NBA. In 2018, the earned $32.1 million native the Detroit Pistons.

At present, Griffin has signed a year contract with the Brooklyn Nets worth $1,229,676. Hence, he will be earning a basic salary that $1,229,676 v a lid hit of $776,983 and also a dead cap value of $776,983.

Griffin also has number of amazing encounters well-known brands favor Nike, Subway, Kia Motors, Vizio, AT&T, GameFly. The American Player frequently shows increase on ads for the brand too. Also, Panini America signed him because that a permanent deal.

Blake Griffin falls amongst one of the highest-paid athlete endorsers. Besides, he share some experience in the exhilaration world and received positive responses indigenous critics and fans.

Furthermore, he is the co-owner of a production company with Matt Kalil, who plays in the NFL.

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The Christian has actually committed to offering $100,000 to every the staff of Little Ceasars Arena, who room unable to store themselves afloat throughout the 2020 pandemic.

During the season, the donated $100 per dunk to a fundraiser he began to hit childhood obesity.

Likewise, he additionally donated the Kia Sedan that he winner in the Slam Dunk Contest for a charity auction. Stand up Cancer obtained the proceedings the the auction.

For more detailed info on Griffin’s net worth, checkBlake Griffin net Worth | Lifestyle, Charity & foundation >>

Blake Griffin | society Media Presence

Griffin is top top Instagram with more than 3.5 million followers. He frequently shares image of him playing basketball and also posts a couple of highlights here and there.

Keeping his kids’ privacy in psychic to offer them a regular and also proper upbringing, that does no share any type of of your pictures.

He additionally shares his opinion and also viewpoints on certain topics and new projects ~ above his feed. Celebrities like Kevin Hart and Chris Brown have likewise made an appearance in his posts.

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The Piston player is also active on Twitter and also has nearly 4.5 million followers there. Celebrities prefer Justin Bieber, Ellen DeGeneres, and Stephen Curry follow him.

NBA star Blake Griffin ~ above why he's fighting for Julius Jones' clemency: "If an innocent guy is sit in jail for every these years, we've obviously excellent an injustice." #ABC2020 #TheLastDefense