So recently I’ve been thinking alot around the Bayverse boys heights, together I have actually seen plenty of lovely TMNT blogs try and debunk (great project you lovely babes, i’m proud that you and accept your labeled heights). ANYWHORE *claps* lets acquire into this.

Anytime I occur to stumble upon and stub my toe on several of the an extremely detailed height HC’s around the boys, each snapshot that is supplied for reference is always a picture where the turtles are not was standing in a line. So in mine opinion (which isn’t constantly needed, lets be honest) I think it renders it that much harder come tell exactly how tall they yes, really are.

Don’t obtain me wrong, I’m not asking for a lineup to obtain their mugshots done, I’m just wondering if there would certainly be a simpler way to tell their hei-


Wait a minute…

I think there is…?


The heat up step at the finish of TMNT out of the Shadows is the perfect moment to properly catch the heights of ours beloved terrapin boys. So don’t mind if ns do and dive down the rabbit hole.

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So very first what I desire to carry up is Laura Linneys height. Her elevation is going to play a key role in helping us recognize just exactly how tall the guys are. Therefore in all actuality she stands in ~ an typical 5"7" tall. Let’s begin comparing, shall we?


I recognize I know, i’m going off the charts by beginning with Mikey first. Yet I’m here to call you that there is a method to my madness. Through Mikey being the shortest, i figured he would be a an excellent starting suggest in identify heights as soon as being compared to a human. And ever because the movies come out, I’ve always known that he never surpassed 6ft favor his larger brothers, because he really is the baby. Anywhore, together seen over I made a wonderful heat going indigenous Laura’s head come Mikeys. And would friend look in ~ that, they’re pretty much the same height. Let’s carry on chandelier we?


Next we’re gonna to compare Donnie’s height to Laura’s. In this photo Donnie is most absolutely slouching, but we still get the idea the he’s a jolly green large right?

With the line included to the photo, and also it going over both Raphael and also Leonardo’s heads, it offers us a visual on exactly how tall lock are.

I got lazy the application i offered kept crashing and didn’t do a elevation thingy for Leo or Raph. So i hope y"all don’t mind me simply writing my thoughts out.

Looking in ~ the heat going from Donnie’s head and then over Raphs, we deserve to determine that they are an extremely close in height and also that Raphael is the second tallest that the bayverse turtles. I’d to speak our hot head in red is about 6"6".

Now Leo on the otherhand, has actually a significant drop not like mikeys contrasted to Donnie. So after going with some measurements and also staring at this photo for like a good 20 minutes, i have come to the conclusion that Leo is around 6"4" in height.

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Leo: 6"4"Raph: 6"6"Donnie: 6"8"Mikey: 5"7"-ish

Disclaimer: every little thing said right here is simply my opinion and also what i thought. Not be butthurt…that’s not fun.

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