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There’s a an easy question. How old is Romeo? Sure, us all understand that Juliet is 13, the Nurse comes right out and also tells us. And also often i think that we then make the leap and assume the Romeo is 13 together well.

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But that’s solid true, is it? would that imply that Mercutio, Tybalt and Paris are additionally all about 13? certain it was the situation that men simply decided younger wives (Capulet is lot older 보다 his wife, is the not?), and also actually we can assume the Romeo and the others are what, maybe late teens, at an early stage 20’s?

It wouldn’t phase well these days to suggest out that age difference, of course. I can just imagine R&J being closed down because it disclosure pedophilia or something. But honestly I’m cool v it (the period difference, no the pedophilia!) The more I review the play, the more I appreciate that Juliet is the many mature human in it. The she’s 13, surrounded by civilization generations older than her, is quite impressive. Ns don’t have to make she older to justification anything, and also I don’t have to make Romeo younger to get it to balance out.

Romeo can be older and still it is in rash and impetuous. Juliet have the right to be young and be the smart one. Much better than trying come imagine 13yr old Tybalt saying, “I hate words as I dislike Hell….”


While looking in ~ the trivia because that Luhrman’s movie, ns learned miscellaneous interesting. Supposedly Natalie Portman auditioned for the role of Juliet. But because of her small frame, in her words, “Leonardo looked like he to be molesting me.” The director said the exact same thing I stated above, just backwards — “Leonardo was 21, but could watch 18 – and also she made him look 21.” In other words he looked as well old, no that she looked too young. Therefore that certainly backs up the idea the you have actually to cast R&J of about equivalent eras to avoid squicking the end your audience.

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I have constantly read Romeo as being ~ above the upper finish of 15, or beforehand 16. (Some that the debates I’ve heard placing him towards 18 constantly seemed inexplicably “off.”) This way, he’s simply young enough to be so wanton and also so reckless through his sentiments (c.f., the Rosalind fiasco), but not fairly old enough to have actually had enough experiences to jade the accordingly.

Hope girlfriend don’t mind my commenting here. I gain your reframing of Shakie, which, as someone that taught Shakie for much more years 보다 he wishes to remember, is a rare point indeed. Cheers & best.