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My daughter will be 15 in March and every now and also then ns still have to get the belt, hand, shoe, etc. Periodically I think the she is obtaining too old and also then the lil heffa will pressure me come Debo her. What period should you prevent whipping her kids?

After the period of 12 it need to stop or else y"all gonna finish up fist-fighting
I acquired a cool head yet sometimes my temper will obtain out the control and also since i"m in my twenties i will certainly smack back I"m in ~ a suggest where if that weren"t for my grandma ns WOULD have actually BEEN gotten IN my AUNT and also UNCLE"S ASS I respect them however they gotta realize I"m no a lil girl anymore and I ain"t scared to take it it thereI"ll win yo ass choose you a stranger in the street

You"re never ever to old because that an ass whippin.

I quit receiving as soon as I was around 11 or 12 the was my last whoopin. However I had actually learned the rules and also how to use them to obtain what I wanted by then. Maybe u must try much more talking and also trying her out on that "trust" & "responsibility" thing. Take away few of her fav"s if she it s okay unruly. Ns personally think 15 is alil to damn old. However if you have a hellion then... HEY - carry out whatcha gotta do.
When i punish my kids it"s no phones, no t.v. And also only come the end their rooms come eat and use the bathroom. No friend or anything. It"s your jail time. Having no telephone and also friends death them.
I stopped receiving when I was about 11 or 12 the was my critical whoopin. Yet I had learned the rules and also how to use them to obtain what I want by then. Possibly u need to try much more talking and also trying her the end on the "trust" & "responsibility" thing. Take away several of her fav"s if she it s okay unruly. I personally think 15 is alil to cursed old. Yet if you have actually a hellion then... HEY - do whatcha gotta do.
I"ve taken away everything from this kid other than oxygen. No cabinet phone, no priveledges, no tv, hell she messed up before I perfect Christmas shopping and didn"t acquire anything native me because that Christmas. To her credit she has had actually a adjust of love or resurrection or something over the holidays and also she stated mama Imma perform better. I beleive her. She"s not really a negative kid, she is just too smart for she own good and desires to carry out things she way. Ns told her as soon as she starts making her very own rules then she needs her very own house.

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After the period of 12 it must stop or rather y"all gonna end up fist-fightingI got a cool head but sometimes my temper will gain out of control and since i"m in my twenty i will smack earlier I"m in ~ a allude where if that weren"t because that my grandma i WOULD have actually BEEN gained IN mine AUNT and also UNCLE"S ASS I respect them yet they gotta establish I"m no a lil girl anymore and also I ain"t fear to take it thereI"ll to win yo ass like you a stranger in the street
One thing I learned farming up was to put fear in my kids. They have to beleive the you CAN and also WILL put them in the dirt. I love every my kids, Lawd knows i do...but I"ll kill"em dead before I allow them to win me. Seriously, my daughter knows that. She is nearly bigger than me yet she knows wherein I come from and things that I have actually done and also the last thing she desires is to carry that ghetto bish outta her mom. Ns met this lady who told me as soon as she to be a boy her mom laid the end their life insurance plans on the bed and also called her and her brothers into the room. She told lock mama will kill you. She said after that her and also her brothers were huddled up in a corner scared together shat! i laughed so tough I assumed I was gonna pee.
Yeah i respect mine moms fear not so lot
I would never ever hit HER however I won"t allow her come hit me I"m means too old for the Grandma don"t fight her and also she knows she love to shot it wit her I feel and also I"m getting an individual that mine aunt, uncle, and mom room using my grandmaMe, I"m trying no to be a fuckup I have a lil proud in myself and I"ll starve before I allow a male have any type of bit of regulate on me ns don"t get along also well wit males WOMEN ns can obtain along wit guys WE have TO battle FOR SOME factor Ya understand THEY love to strike me and my brother only diff is ns attack back while he may something behind your backs