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Of silver included 3,000 shekels (Exodus 38:25, 26), and also was equal to 94 3/7 lbs. Avoirdupois. The Greek talent, however, as in the LXX., was only 82 1/4 lbs. It remained in the type of a one mass, as the Hebrew surname kikkar denotes. A talent of yellow was twin the weight of a talent of silver (2 Samuel 12:30). Parable the the talent (Matthew 18:24; 25:15).

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A unit the measure.

General references1 majesties 9:14; 1 queens 9:28; 1 majesties 10:10; 1 monarchs 10:14

A weight same to 3000 shekels, about 125 poundsExodus 38:25-26

Value of a talent the gold, about 6000 pounds, or $29,100Gold

Value of a talent of silver, about 400 pounds, or $1,940Silver

Parable of the unforgiving servantMatthew 18:21-35

Parable that the talentsMatthew 25:14-30

TAL"ENT, noun

1. amongst the ancients, a weight, and also a coin. The true worth of the talent cannot well be ascertained, however it is recognized that it to be different amongst different nations. The Attic talent the weight, included 60 Attic minae, or 6000 Attic drachmae, equal to 56 pounds, eleven ounces, English troy weight. The mina gift reckoned equal to f3 4s.7d. Sterling, or fourteen dollars and a third nearly, the talent to be of the value of f193 15s sterling, around $861 dollars. Other computations do it f225 sterling.

The Romans had the an excellent talent and also the small talent; the an excellent talent is computed to be equal to f99 6s. 8d. Sterling, and the little talent come f75 sterling.

2. talent among the Hebrews, was additionally a yellow coin, the same with a shekel of gold; called likewise stater, and weighing only 4 drachmas.

But the Hebrew talent of silver, dubbed cicar, was identical to 3 thousand shekels, or one hundred and thirteen pounds, ten ounces and also a fraction, troy weight.

3. Faculty; organic gift or endowment; a metaphorical application of the word, said to be borrowed from the Scriptural parable the the talents. Matthew 25:24.

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He is chiefly come be thought about in his three various talents, together a critic, a satirist, and a writer the odes.