Ryan Higa, whom you might know by his alias Nigahiga, is one of the most famed YouTubers of every time. Ryan started his channel earlier in 2006, throughout the earliest work of YouTube, and also has due to the fact that become one of its many influential and also popular creators. In today’s article, we will be taking a look at Nigahiga’s network worth, and also his career and lifestyle. Therefore without any type of further ado, let’s just acquire into it!

Nigahiga’s net Worth – $6 Million

Unfortunately, there isn’t a an exact amount to point out when talking around Nigahiga’s net worth. However, we calculation that Ryan Higa’s network worth is roughly $6 million, most of which come from YouTube revenue. Speaking of revenue, let’s take a look at at how does one go around making millions off YouTube:

How walk Nigahiga make His Money & Wealth?

Early Life

Ryan to be born ~ above June 6th, 1990 in Hilo, Hawaii, whereby he would additionally grow up. He started practicing judo, along with his older brothers Kyle, as soon as he was five years old. Throughout middle school, he regulated to achieve an excellent results at a placement test, which caused him to skip a grade, which in turn made him a target because that bullies. He managed to fend off the bullies by making castle laugh (!), and by act that found his enthusiasm for making human being laugh. Shortly after, Ryan started making funny skits because that his family members to watch on Sundays. Finally, in high school, Higa started wrestling, i beg your pardon turned his life around, as he says. This is where he met Sean Fujiyoshi, through whom the went on to start the Nigahiga YouTube channel.

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YouTube Career

In 2006, while tho in high school, Ryan started uploading his comedy skits to YouTube, therefore he wouldn’t have actually to bring a physical copy that the video to his family. His videos began to get traction many thanks to both the content and also the novelty of YouTube. The channel began to fight it large once he started his ‘How To’ video series, which consisted of videos such as ‘How To it is in A Ninja’, which currently has 50 million views and ‘How to it is in Emo’, which at this time counts 37 million views. After some controversies later on that year, his more quickly videos, which to be those the him and Sean lipsyncing to famous songs, were removed. From climate on, Ryan started to compose his own music and also turned his focus towards creating much more skits, instead of covers.

During mid-2009, he became the second YouTuber that crossed the one million subscribers count, beaten just by the now forgotten Fred. A year after, he regulated to up his counting by an additional million, and also from there, the subscribers started pouring in even faster. By 2012, once he started his production company, he had close to 6 million subscribers, and held the location of the many subscribed YouTube channel for over 2 years!

Unlike plenty of of his partner such as Fred or ray William Johnson, Ryan controlled to stay relevant up to this day. His channel is the 41st many subscribed one in ~ the moment, and also he gains over half a million views on his videos every day. Ryan currently has end 20,000,000 subscribers top top his main channel, and close come 5 million on his 2nd channel, HigaTV.

With such numbers, the is, that course, able come rake in an substantial amount the money every month. Over the years, the amount has piled up, and also Nigahiga’s approximated net worth flourished to the whopping variety of $6,000,000!

Nigahiga – an individual Life and also FAQ:

Is Nigahiga married?

Ryan is currently not married, and we do not know whether the is in a relationship.

Where go Nigahiga Live? photos of his house.

Ryan has tendency to store his private life separate from his windy one, for this reason not much is known around his house. Us do understand that he lives in las Vegas, Nevada, according to his Twitter bio.

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How much money go Nigahiga do per video?

Once again, these are just estimates, yet Nigahiga is thought to earn approximately $100,000 per month follow to SocialBlade. This number place his yearly income over the $1 million bracket, and you deserve to see how he to be able to end up being a millionaire at such a young age. Various other than YouTube, Ryan has additional income streams, such as his merchandise, so we are unable to calculation his overall earnings.

Where deserve to you follow NigaHiga?

You can uncover Ryan on all the mainstream society media websites. Here is a perform of the most relevant ones: