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Peter Criss network worth is
$2 Million

Peter Criss Wiki Biography

George Peter man Criscuola to be born ~ above the 20th December 1945, in Brooklyn, new York City, USA that Italian American descent. He is a musician well known under the surname of Peter Criss that was among the founders, and also drummer and vocalist the the legend music team Kiss. In the tough rock band, Criss was likewise known together The Catman. Together a member of Kiss he to be inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of call in 1994. Peter Criss has also included to his net worth together a solo artist and also actor. He has actually been active in the entertainment industry because 1964.

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How much is Peter Criss net worth? It has actually been approximated that the in its entirety size the his network worth is as lot as $2 million, collected during his lengthy career in the music industry.

Peter Criss net Worth $2 Million

Peter flourished up in addition to his 4 siblings in the Williamsburg ar of Brooklyn, brand-new York. He shared his enthusiasm of playing the drums through a friend, Jerry Nolan, who came to be the effective drummer of the new York Dolls band. Criss played in a number of bands including Chelsea and also Lips in 1960s. In the early 1970s he came to be a establishing member of the tape Kiss; Paul Stanley take it the position of vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Ace Frehley – leading guitarist, Gene Simmons – vocalist, base guitarist and Peter Criss – drummer, percussionist and vocalist. Their debut album “Kiss” (1974) succeeded with gold certifications obtained in USA and also Canada. It should be listed that Criss offered as a command vocalist on various hits, including “Black Diamond” (1974), “Hard happy Woman” (1976) and also “Beth” (1976) which was certified gold. Throughout the decade of the 1970s, the tape released numerous studio albums including the yellow ones “Hotter 보다 Hell” (1974), “Dressed come Kill” (1975), “Alive!” (1975) and also “Double Platinum” (1978); platinum people “Rock and also Roll Over” (1976) and also “Love Gun” (1977); and also two multi-platinum studio albums “Destroyer” (1976) and “Alive” (1977). Unfortunately, Peter endured a major injury native a car crash in 1978, and could not participate in the active life that the band, and as the an outcome was poll out.

Officially, he left the hard rock tape in 1980 and immediately pursued a solo career. His debut solo album licensed has been granted “Peter Criss” (1978) entered the album charts in Canada and USA, as well as receiving respectively gold and also platinum certifications for sales. Later, that successfully continued his solo job with various other studio albums, “Out the Control” (1980), “Let Me absent You” (1982), “Cat #1” (1994) and “One because that All” (2007). This recordings added significantly to Peter’s network worth.

It have to be discussed that Peter Criss returned to the Kiss band in 1995 and also left again in 2001, and also then rejoined the tape for the 3rd time in 2002 though he left in 2004. Due to the fact that of countless disagreements and frustration he can not be a permanent part of the band, nonetheless Kiss included much financially come the net worth that Peter Criss.

Additionally, together an gibbs Criss showed up in the television series “Millennium” (1998) and also “Oz” (2002). He landed a role in the function films “Detroit absent City” (1999) command by Adam Rifkin and “Frame the Mind” (2009) directed by kris Noth. Criss and also Larry Sloman composed the autobiography the the artist licensed has been granted “Make-up to Break-up: my Life In and also Out the Kiss” (2012). Every the over mentioned engagements also increased the network worth of Peter Criss.

In his personal life, Peter Criss has actually been married three times, come Lydia Di Leonardo (1970 – 1979), Debra Jensen (1979 – 1994) with whom he has a daughter, and Gigi Criss (1998 – present).

Full NamePeter Criss
Net Worth$2 Million
Date the BirthDecember 20, 1945
Place that BirthBrooklyn, new York City, new York, joined States
Height5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)
ProfessionDrummer, Musician, Songwriter, record producer
NationalityUnited claims of America
SpouseGigi Criss (m. 1998), Debra Jensen (m. 1979–1994), Lydia Di Leonardo (m. 1970–1979)
ParentsLoretta Criscuola, Joseph Criscuola, ns Was produced Lovin" You, Rock and also Roll all Nite, Beth
NicknamesCriss, Peter
Albums“Peter Criss” (1978), “Out that Control” (1980), “Let Me rock You” (1982), “Cat #1” (1994), “One for All” (2007), “Hotter 보다 Hell” (1974), “Dressed come Kill” (1975), “Alive!” (1975), “Double Platinum” (1978), “Rock and Roll Over” (1976), “Love Gun” (1977), “Destroyer” (1976), “Alive” (1977)
Music GroupsKiss, angry Lester, Chelsea
Movies“Millennium” (1998), “Oz” (2002), “Detroit rock City” (1999, “Frame that Mind” (2009)

1K.I.S.S. To be awarded a Star ~ above the Hollywood to walk of Fame because that Recording at 7080 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California.
2The tune "Beth" was actually motivated by Rebecca; the girlfriend of a former band member. Originally, the tune was titled "Beck". The song was exit in 1976.
3April 7, 1981 daughter Jenilee, was born.
4First mam Lydia was his motivation for KISS" 1975 optimal 10 struggle "Beth", which the wrote and sang lead on.
5Is "Cat Man" In The hard Rock Band, KISS
6According to a declare on his website, he is now permanently out of KISS. His contract was not renewed and also Gene Simmons allegedly made some slanderous comments, which angered him.
7Played in together bands as The Barracudas, Chelsea (which exit an album in 1969) and also Lips before coming to be the drummer for KISS in 1973.
8Plans to emphasis on big-band jazz music in his post-KISS career.
9Drummer for KISS from 1973-1980 and 1995-2000. Has actually rejoined the group for a second time for your 2003 tour with Aerosmith.
10Successfully sue the national Enquirer in 1995 because that falsely reporting that he to be a homeless drunk living on the beach. The human being featured in the Enquirer short article was actually an impersonator named Chris Dickinson, whom Peter met on the "Donahue" show in February 1991.

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11Member the the rock band KISS.