People “American Chopper” Star Jason Pohl Trashed His Custom develop in This epos Meltdown

He might share his name through a infamous outlaw, however famous motorcycle customizer and also television personality Jesse James never essential to break poor to make a surname for himself. Though, he has had actually his fair share of controversy over the years.

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Whether you recognize him from his TV shows Monster Garage (which is set to return in 2020) or Jesse James Is a Dead Man, his tradition motorcycles because that Keanu Reeves or Shaquille O’Neal, or his tabloid-fueled relationship with Sandra Bullock, you understand that the male is an excellent at do headlines.

James’ passion for motorcycles at an early age led to a multimillion-dollar enterprise in West shore Choppers, which at some point spawned a effective television career and several other company ventures. But, after ~ nearly 20 years in the spotlight, the 51-year-old James has managed to stand up to the ups and downs by proceeding to do what do him renowned in the first place: personalizing motorcycles.

Early Life and also Career

Jesse Gregory James to be born top top April 19, 1969, in lengthy Beach, California. His dad ran an antiques shop, i beg your pardon was situated right next to a Harley-Davidson parts supplier. Thus, start his lifelong obsession v motorcycles.

“I remember seeing a pack of Hell’s Angels blasting by our family car when i was around 6, and they were all riding choppers,” James told a exploration Channel interviewer in 2000. “I remember every the noise and all the chrome. It to be the coolest thing I ever before saw. I knew then that i was going to be affiliated in motorcycles in some way.”

When a job in soccer didn’t pan the end after several injuries, James dropped out of college and also worked as a bodyguard because that bands prefer Danzig, Slayer, and also Soundgarden. In 1992, James opened up West coast Choppers, a apparel line and motorcycle customization shop. ~ falling turn off stage during a concert in 1993 and dislocating his elbow, James determined to put all his eggs in the WCC basket. Needless come say, it ended up payment off.

West coastline Choppers

Starting in his mother’s garage and eventually moving to a little shop in long Beach, Jesse James would discover that success v West coastline Choppers wouldn’t come overnight. In the beforehand days, James found himself overworked and also underpaid, and even obtained the words “PAY increase SUCKER!” tattooed on his palm to express his frustration over money issues.

James’s big break came in 2000 through the exploration Channel documentary Motorcycle Mania. Providing an inside look into Jesse’s day-to-day life, the multipart collection introduced the man’s biker brand come the masses. West shore Choppers would move from a one-man crew grinding in a tiny shop to an company with an ext than 50 employees working out of an 18,000 square-foot warehouse.

James would certainly go on to architecture custom bikes for such A-listers as Shaquille O’Neal, Keanu Reeves, and Kid Rock. Through a West coastline Chopper motorcycle fetching all over from $60,000-$150,000, we’re guessing James rarely requirements to show that “PAY up SUCKER!” tattoo these days.

While WCC’s lengthy Beach place shut under in 2010, James reopened the shop in Austin, Texas in 2013, under the name Austin speed Shop.

Television Success and Other organization Ventures

Following the success the Motorcycle Mania and his cultivation celebrity clientele, James was tapped to host the discovery Channel competition display Monster Garage. The highly-successful collection spawned a UK version, two video games, and also a number of books. On height of that, 42 of the surviving job vehicles were sold at the 2008 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction. While Monster Garage just aired native 2002-2006, that is collection for a 2020 revival.

With appearances on Sons of Guns, Celebrity Apprentice, Street Customs, and American Chopper, James likewise starred ~ above the Spike TV present Jesse James Is a Dead Man, whereby he performed death-defying stunts. Under his own agency Payupsucker Productions, James has additionally produced such mirrors as History that the Chopper, Iraq Confidential through Jesse James, and also Green Scream.

As far as other company ventures go, James opened Cisco burgess in 2006, right throughout the street native West shore Choppers. In lock action with WCC, the restaurant has since moved from lengthy Beach come Austin. Since 2006, James has actually nationally published Garage magazine and likewise owns Jesse James guns Unlimited. Come say the this man keeps busy is one understatement.

Controversy and also Legal Issues

For as much success as Jesse James has enjoyed over the years, he’s had an virtually equal quantity of controversy. Because that one, you can write whole book chronicling his relationship issues alone.

With three youngsters from his an initial marriage to Karla James, James was married to adult movie star Janine Lindemulder from 2002-2004. It to be a partnership fraught with drama, including assault charges versus Lindemulder and a confusing custody fight over the couple’s daughter after ~ Lindemulder’s release from jail over taxes evasion charges.

James later married Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock in 2005. That marriage deescalated right into tabloid fodder following the revelation that James had cheated top top The blind Side star v multiple ladies while the pair was in the procedure of adopting a child. To do matters worse throughout this time, a photo likewise came the end of James in a SS officer’s hat and doing the Nazi salute, though he declared the cap was a gag gift from his Jewish godfather.

James and Bullock divorce in 2010. Adhering to the intense fallout from his infidelity, James confirm himself right into an Arizona rehabilitation facility because that 30 days, whereby he obtained treatment because that anger management and sex addiction.

James is also no stranger to litigation. In 2007, he was fined more than $270,000 by the California Air sources Board ~ authorities identified that James’ bikes were in violation that California’s clean air laws and emitted 11 time the legal limits of hydrocarbons.

In 2008, James confronted two i have lot of money lawsuits and also was fined $422,680 end a breach that contract through a customer, and also later $327,533 because that unpaid lawyer fees.

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Jesse James net Worth and an individual Life

Jesse James has an approximated net precious of $50 million, follow to Celebrity net Worth. When he’s clearly doing much better from a financial aspect than that was during his at an early stage days, he’s also been thriving on the partnership side as well, having actually been married to drag racer Alexis DeJoria due to the fact that 2013. Alexis is the daughter the billionaire man Paul Dejoria, the founder the the man Paul Mitchell hair brand and The Patron spirits Company. Clearly, Alexis didn’t must marry Jesse because that his money.