Beginner clarinets usually variety in cost from $500 come $1100. Intermediate, or step-up clarinets usually range in expense $1,300 come $2,800 and entry level agree clarinets (still mainly played by advanced students) about $2000 and up.

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There are numerous things that recognize the all at once cost that a clarinet:


Material - many student clarinets space made the ABS resin bodies and also nickel keys. Intermediate clarinets will have actually a grenadilla (african blackwood) body, and also keys the are normally made that a "nickel/silver" alloy and then plated through nickel or silver- .Condition - new or used, as well as any essential maintenance deserve to determine the expense of a clarinet.Brand/Manufacturer - not all clarinets are constructed the same. Unfortunately, part clarinet manufacturers use low high quality materials, which most of the time outcomes in an instrument the cannot it is in fixed.Case - high quality clarinet cases and case cover combinations can range from $40 to $150 and also should be thought about when looking in ~ the whole price of the instrument.Features - The quality cut of grenadilla wood, progressed bore metrics, nickel or silver plated keys, are features uncovered on many intermediate clarinets that deserve to determine the cost.Mouthpiece - A college student clarinet will certainly come v an cheap plastic mouthpiece that has actually a bigger airflow i beg your pardon is much easier for a college student to play. A difficult rubber mouthpiece is usually said for intermediate and professional clarinets. A tough rubber mouthpiece will an outcome in a much more professional sound, preserve accuracy and consistency in focusing air into the instrument.Service - Some institutions offer service after the sale, consisting of maintenance that the instrument, college delivery and also support that the school and also community.

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In many cases, speak "If that looks too great to it is in true, it more than likely is" can be used to music instruments. In various other words, "you acquire what you pay for". While there are countless deals obtainable to musicians of every levels, over there are tools that are poorly manufactured and also not ideal for making music or bringing come a tape class. It is way to ask native a private instructor, music education or trusted music keep for indict in choosing the best instrument for your musical needs.