The Nintendo Wii was among the most innovative consoles the its time, with over 100 million systems being sold. Which means you probably have actually one in her basement or attic somewhere, and you room wondering exactly how much is a Wii worth?

Well, you’ve involved the right place, we right here at Retro Dodo proud ourselves in gift retro gaming enthusiasts, and also can’t even fathom the quantity of hrs we’ve sunk in our Nintendo Wii.

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(Please note: all of our industry research and also data is taken from eBay, as this is the many common method to offer a Nintendo Wii. Info is exact as that November 2020, and also we will upgrade this short article on a monthly basis to keep you updated and to reflect top top the fluctuation the prices. All prices are based in USD.)

How lot do Wiis cost?

How much is a Wii worth? The Nintendo Wii as of today sells for roughly $50, however it all counts on the problem of the console and if that comes v accessories and/or games. A solitary Nintendo Wii console have the right to sell indigenous anywhere in between $15 to $125.

If it has scratches, is dirty, the buttons don’t press properly, and also it’s worn, expect it to offer for $20. If it’s in very great condition, v no scratches and looks as if it has came right out the a box, expect to offer it for all over over $70.

Used: $20 – $120

Refurbished: $60 – $150

Sealed: $250+

How lot do boxed Wiis cost?


If you have actually a boxed Nintendo Wii, the very same applies, the all counts on the condition. A worn box, through a worn console inside commonly sells for roughly $60, yet if you have actually a great condition box, through a an excellent condition Nintendo Wii intend to offer it because that over $120.

Just remember come keep all of the manuals, discs, bags and also anything else package comes with, every solitary missing piece will price you as soon as selling her Nintendo Wii.

How much is Nintendo Wii sporting activities worth?

If you have actually a Nintendo Wii sporting activities bundle, that worth about $50 loose, or $80 boxed. Again, we’re not going come state this enough, that all relies on the condition. A bad condition console bundle can go because that as little as $20, however a sealed never touched console bundle can sell because that $200+. This is the most usual bundle Nintendo released.

Used: $30 – $100

Refurbished: $50 – $150

Sealed: $140+

How much is a Wii U worth?

The Wii U was an additional popular different of the Wii, although less common it is tho a sought ~ console. The Nintendo Wii U can sell because that anywhere between $40 come $100 top top eBay. Girlfriend can also go above $100 if the boxed, and in good condition with every one of the manuals and cables.

How much is a Wii Mini worth?


The Wii Mini to be released in December the 2012 and also as of today deserve to sell for anywhere in between $30 – $100 depending on condition.

Used: $30 – $100

Refurbished: $100+

Sealed: $250+

The an excellent thing around selling a Wii Mini is that they are not as usual as the normal Wii, make it more valuable to collectors that are trying to find a mint problem or also sealed console.

How lot is a limited Edition Nintendo Wii worth?


Throughout the life time of the Nintendo Wii, there was a handful of minimal edition variants the celebrate the start or a day of something special. Because that example, there was a blue Nintendo Wii that celebrated the Olympics in 2012, and a red execution that celebrated the 25th Anniversary that Mario.

Each of these variants go for a various price, since as much as they are “limited” Nintendo still made a most them, so let’s begin with the Red, anniversary edition.

Used: $40 – $100

Boxed: $120+

Sealed: $350+

And the blue, different of the Nintendo Wii go for:

Used: $50 – 100

Boxed: $100+

Sealed: $300+

You have the right to see there is some slight distinction in prices between these editions, but that’s just the average. It appears there are less boxed blue versions that have actually sold ~ above eBay compared to red, probably since they space slightly rarer.

How much is a Nintendo Wii Controller worth?

A Nintendo Wii controller have the right to sell for anywhere in between $5 and $50. $5 is because that a worn, dirty, offered controller, vice versa, $50 is for a mint condition, restricted edition Wii controller. Boxed controllers deserve to go for anywhere between $15 and also $60.

How lot is a Nintendo Wii U Controller worth?

The Nintendo Wii U controller is in reality worth a fair price, this is due to the quantity of technology in the handheld, and many people like come chip the controller to revolve it into a retro device.

A Nintendo Wii U controller is worth $30 – $100 depending upon condition, and also if you have the charging cable or not.

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So over there you have it, one informative guide showcasing the just how much a Wii costs. Prices can fluctuate slightly, and also if you’re missing bits such together cables, sleeves, or manuals, this will minimize the price. And also it’s precious noting, the much longer you hold these, the more they’ll go up in price, particularly boxed and/or sealed.

Also, it’s precious selling when they end up being popular, for instance if Nintendo release a Wii Mini Console, or for some reason many civilization want come buy a Wii to buy one old game that has grown in popularity.