1912-14 Washington-Franklin solitary Line Watermark Perforated 12The 1912-14 collection saw several transforms to the Washington-Franklin configuration. The George Washington vignette replaced Ben Franklin on the one cent stamp. Also, the one and also two cent stamps were redesigned so that the denominations to be presented making use of numerals. ~ above prior worries the denominations top top the lower bsci-ch.org were spelled out. In other words, the design changed from "ONE CENT" to "1 CENT 1."





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1 cent Washington green$9.50$0.25
2 cent Carmine$9.50$0.25
7 cent Black$120.00$12.50



8 cent Olive green$63.50$1.80
9 cent Salmon red$80.00$12.75
10 cent Orange yellow$60.00$0.60
12 cent Claret brown$75.00$4.00
15 cent Gray$125.00$3.50
20 cent Ultramarine$285.00$15.75
30 cent Orange red$175.00$16.00
50 cent Violet$550.00$25.00
50 cent Double-line Watermark$335.00$20.00
1 dollar Double-line Watermark$685.00$67.50

1914-15 level Plate single Line Watermark Perforated 10

In 1857 the article Office Department started perforating stamps. All of the designs of 1851 were re-released in the brand-new perforated layout and secondary three designs to be added.

1 cent Washington green$3.65$0.20
2 cent rose red$3.50$0.20
3 cent Deep violet$21.50$1.35
4 cent Brown$47.50$0.95
5 cent Blue$47.50$0.95
6 cent Red orange$75.00$2.00
7 cent Black$130.00$4.75
8 cent Franklin olive green$50.00$3.25
9 cent Salmon red$70.00$8.75
10 cent Orange yellow$72.50$0.90
11 cent Dark green$35.00$8.00
12 cent Copper red$47.50$8.25
12 cent Claret brown$40.00$5.75
15 cent Gray$175.00$7.00
20 cent Ultramarine$315.00$5.50
30 cent Orange red$335.00$15.00
50 cent Violet$800.00$16.50

1914 flat Plate Coil solitary Line Watermark Perforated 10 Horizontal
1 cent Washington green$2.00$1.10
2 cent Carmine$15.75$17.50

1914 flat Plate Coil single Line Watermark Perforated 10 upright

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1 cent Washington green$40.00$29.50
2 cent Carmine$65.00$17.50
3 cent Violet$325.00$175.00
4 cent Brown$175.00$110.00
5 cent Blue$67.50$75.00

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These prices because that U.S. Stamps are provided as a service to bsci-ch.org readers. Castle are obtained from many sources such as dealer price lists, advertisements in philatelic publications, and public auction results. Use these bsci-ch.org together a pointer for evaluating the reasonableness of dealer prices, setup up trades with other collectors, and also estimating the precious of her collection. The worth of an individual rubber stamp is dependence on that centering and also condition. The prices noted here room for fine centered, undamaged stamps. A an especially nice example can sell for much more than the lot listed, when a negative copy could be precious less.

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