A handy conversion chart because that converting grams to cups for both liquid and dry ingredients, consisting of butter, sugar, flour and rice.

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Below room the conversions i m sorry I have used in most of my recipes. The cup measurements are approximate together there may be variations according to brands, how the ingredients space measured, and how the scales are calibrated. Please scroll to the bottom to see my note on convert grams come cups.

Liquid Measures

(Note: For many recipes, the difference in between a united state cup measure and those offered in other countries is i can not qualify to influence the recipe. Hence, girlfriend will find that countless publications will treat cup procedures as the very same in all countries.)


Convert Grams come Cups

As one Australian, I thrived up learning and using the metric system i m sorry is based upon weights. Measuring ingredient in the kitchen typically involves a scale, return the Australian system is also impartial come measuring cups; I grew up discovering to measure many wet and dry ingredients v measuring cups, whilst hard-to-measure ingredients (like meat and vegetables) to be weighed utilizing scales.

Since beginning this blog, i have had to convert many of mine recipes over to the American system which relies greatly on measuring cups and measuring spoons.

I find using weights to it is in a much more accurate measure up than using measuring cups and also spoons, especially in baking i beg your pardon requires precise measurements for a much more successful result. And also maybe because I flourished up weighing ingredients, I find it to it is in quicker and also easier.

Whilst making use of measuring cups and spoons can regularly be an ext convenient than pulling the end the kitchen scale, castle are more prone to giving inaccurate measurements as the weight have the right to vary depending on whether the ingredients have actually been loosely, easy or strict packed. Also, not every measuring cups and also spoons are accurately calibrated; i have plenty of beautiful and also colourful measuring cups from Anthrolopogie i m sorry are, sadly, not accurate at all.

Personally, I always weigh my ingredients once baking. However when ns am food preparation a savoury dish choose a stew or stir-fry, I often tend to depend on measuring cups more often because that convenience.

Using Measuring cup & measure Spoons

When using measuring cups or spoons, my preference is to use a brand favor Cuisipro or Tupperware, which have the right to be discovered in plenty of professional kitchens and which can be relied ~ above to offer accurate measurements.

To measure dry ingredients favor flour or icing sugar (powdered sugar), you must scoop the ingredient into the measure cup or spoon, then usage a level palette knife or comparable to tap the ingredient into the vessel come fill any air pockets, and finally usage the color pension knife come level turn off the ingredient.

For liquid ingredients, i recommend utilizing a glass Pyrex measure up jug which have to be placed flat on the kitchen counter and also read in ~ eye-level once you space taking the measurement. For little quantities (up to 2 tablespoons), ns use one of those small measuring shoot glasses.

It makes sense to have several to adjust of measuring cups and spoons in the kitchen.

When buying new measuring cups (especially quite ones which look an excellent but their accuracy might be questionable), I always check their calibration against my Cuisipro set and Pyrex jug.

Using Digital Scales

When using kitchen scales, I extremely recommend a digital scale. Many are an extremely reliable, despite you should discover a great brand which is quite sensitive to offer the most accurate readings.

The advantage of making use of a digital range is that, for many recipes, you deserve to use the exact same bowl (like the key of her stand mixer) come measure all of your ingredients; after girlfriend have added an ingredient, you merely press Tare or Reset to have the scale earlier at zero prior to weighing your next ingredient.

I very recommend having actually a couple of spare batteries because that the digital scale on hand, simply in instance the batteries die whilst you space in the midst of cooking.

Recipes top top Eat, small Bird

All recipes are tested making use of weight measurements and, whereby possible, i recommend that you additionally use the same, especially for baking recipes.

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The US dimensions (using measure up cups and spoons) are detailed as a courtesy and also are approximate. If in doubt, please use the load measurements.