Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have the right to bench press 425 pounds for a solitary but the can additionally bench press up to 450lbs, relying on his energy levels. The Rock has been recognized to usage a chain come lift and also build strength and also his bench press.

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Dwayne Johnson AKA the rock is famed not just for his selection of lot loved movies but this former WWE star is simply as well known for his phenomenal physique and also amazing strength, so us all want to know, exactly how much does The Rock in reality bench press? It’s reportedly up come 450 pounds this short article gives friend the lowdown.


How walk The absent train for his 450 pound bench press?

The Rock have the right to reportedly handles 425 pound for a one rep max and up come 450 pounds on a great day. He renders sure he has a good day by increasing his protein levels and resting come make certain he is at high energy.

The rock additionally trains with lifting chain to assist him develop his impressive strength and his main point stability. Both his core stability and also physical strength as well as rest and protein assist him to attain his awe inspiring 450 pounds bench press.

How much does The absent bench press on video?

There no seem to be any videos the the privacy conscious Rock bench pressing at 450lbs, but there room plenty which present his impressive strength once bench pressing.

This video which showcases the impress chest practice he offered to acquire in shape for his epic movie function in Hercules, and also displays the epic and awe motivating power of his chest come the max:

What else does the rock perform to combine his chest?

When he is not maxing out on the bench press, The absent keeps his chest muscles in premium problem with supporting exercises to help his world renowned strength and also physique.

As well together a flat bench push with a barbell, The rock additionally favors one incline bench press (4 fall sets beginning with 12 reps if you want the details) and a dumbbell bench push (4 sets of 12 reps) in his chest workout tripling the usage of that well known chest. He adheres to up with a dumbbell shoulder press (4 to adjust of 12 reps) , flat dumbbell chest fly (3 sets of 12 reps) and a cable cross over (3 to adjust of 15 reps) before ending his occupational out v 3 sets of dips to failure.

What room the height tips for achieving and also maintaining a physique like The rock?

If you desire to acquire or store a an effective physique choose the Rock, this is the ideal tips come go about it.

You should lift heavy weights at fairly high reps to construct up that awe inspiring level the muscle and also don’t also think around skipping core day or foot day, The Rock has an all round herculean physique i m sorry takes work on every body component to save him in proportion. In enhancement you’ll need to eat large and heap on the protein to pack on and maintain his massive amount that muscle.

How much have the right to The rock bench Press?

On his ideal days The Rock deserve to bench push up to 450 pounds with the best level the protein and energy. The maintains his core stability working v chains and also completes a complete body workout including legs and eating massive quantities of protein to preserve the strength needed to finish such a feat.

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