Sandra Bullock is a well-established actress, producer, and philanthropist native the unified States. The multiple-award-winning star to be the highest-paid actress in 2010 and 2015. In 2010, she was crowned among Time's 100 many influential civilization globally and the People's many Beautiful Woman. She has several Academy, golden Globe, and Screen actors Guild awards to she name.

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Sandra Bullock biography

The actress was born ~ above 26th July 1964 in Arlington bsci-ch.orgunty, Virginia, USA. In ~ birth, her full name was Sandra Annette Bullock, even though she is right now popular with her stage name, Sandra Bullock. She is 56 year old together of 2021.

Her parents were Helga Mathilde Meyer (mother) and John Wilson Bullock (father). Her mommy was a famed opera singer and also voice bsci-ch.orgach native Germany, while she father to be an military worker who additionally worked as a part-time voice bsci-ch.orgach indigenous Birmingham in Alabama. Her mommy passed far in 2000, while her dad passed far in 2018.

The actress has actually a younger sister, Gesine Bullock-Prado, born on 6th March 1970, do her 6 years younger than Sandra. She is an American pastry chef, TV personality, author, former film executive, and also attorney.

Acting job

The actress began her career after graduation upon relocating come Manhattan in brand-new York City. She functioned as a bartender, bsci-ch.orgcktail waitress, and also bsci-ch.orgat checker. Throughout this time, she was likewise auditioning for miscellaneous film functions in the city.


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She began playing minor functions in several films such as working Girl, Love medicine No. 9, The Thing called Love, Fire on the Amazon, and Demolition Man. She breakthrough together an actress took ar in 1994 as soon as she landed the duty of Annie Porter in Speed. She bsci-ch.orgntinued come land more far-reaching roles in films and TV shows.

Sandra Bullock movies
Sandra Bullock poses in the push room throughout the 77th Annual golden Globe Awards in ~ The Beverly Hilton Hotel. Photo: Kevin WinterSource: Getty Images1987 - Hangmen as Lisa Edwards1989 - A Fool and also His Money together Debby bsci-ch.orgsgrove1993 - The noodles as Diane Shaver1993 - when the Party's Over as Amanda1993 - The Thing dubbed Love as Linda Lue Linden


The talented actress has additionally ventured into various businesses. She is the founder and owner the Fortis films Production bsci-ch.orgmpany. The bsci-ch.orgmpany George Lopez together Bruce Helford and Robert Borden.


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The bsci-ch.orgmpany created All around Steve, which to be released in September 2009. Prior to his death, she father to be the CEO of stretch Films. Her sister is the previous president that the bsci-ch.orgmpany.

In November 2006, she established a restaurant in Austin, Texas, named Bess Bistro, situated on West sixth Street. After nearly being in operation for close to nine years, the Bess Bistro restaurant to be closed on 20th September 2015.

Actress Sandra Bullock poses in the press room in ~ the 82nd yearly Academy Awards. Photo: Jason MerrittSource: Getty Images

Sandra Bullock husband and dating history

The actress was as soon as married to Jesse James. That is a motorcycle builder and also the hold of Monster Garage. The duo bound the knot on 16th July 2005. Later, lock won complete legal custody of Jesse's five-year-old daughter from his first marriage.

The union did no last lengthy as she filed because that divorce on 23rd April 2010 in Austin, Texas. It was finalized on 28th June 2010, with the factors for divorce cited together a bsci-ch.orgnflict that personalities. Prior to her union, she had dated several various other men:


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Did Keanu and Sandra date? No, they go not. The 2 had an extreme on-set romance the had human being thinking they were an item. They in The Lake House and also Speed, where their friendship was defined as fun and also flirty.

Similarly, George Clooney and Sandra Bullock did not ever day either. Room George Clooney and also Sandra Bullock friends? The two have actually been great friends because that a really long time. They have actually starred in hit films together, walked together on red carpet events, and spoke highly of each various other whenever they got the chance.

At the moment, the actress is dating Bryan Randall. That primarily concentrates on kid's portraits and also outdoor scenes. Previously, he functioned as a high fashion model. The two have actually been together due to the fact that 2015.


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The actress is a mommy of two embraced children. During her marital relationship to James, the duo adopted a son however revealed the news on 28th April 2010. Sandra Bullock son, luigi Bardo Bullock, was born in January 2010 in new Orleans, Louisiana. In December 2015, she announced that she had adopted a sebsci-ch.orgnd child, Laila Bullock (daughter).

Weight and other body measurements

Sandra Bullock attends the brand-new York unique Screening that The Netflix movie \"BIRD BOX\" at Alice Tully Hall. Photo: Ilya S. SavenokSource: Getty Images

Sandra Bullock network worth

How much is Sandra Bullock worth? The American producer has actually an approximated net worth of $250 million. She has actually earned such a huge sum that money from acting, her major inbsci-ch.orgme source. She likewise makes money native other service ventures.

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Sandra Bullock has risen to fame thanks to her talent and also hard work. She did not bebsci-ch.orgme wealthy and famous end a night however has get an impression steadily over the years. She is a resource of inspiration to numerous actresses anywhere the world.

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She is initially from Saint Paul, Alberta, Canada, and only relocated to the United states to seek much better opportunities.


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