We shed some light on several of the most impressive bench pressers right now on the WWE and also NXT rosters.

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Gym rats reading this short article are every too acquainted with the question, “how lot do friend bench?” once it involves fitness, bench is sort of provided as a measuring stick, especially with the bros. Well, if friend love come bench and you love the WWE, get ready to mark out throughout this article as we shed some irradiate on few of the most impressive bench pressers currently on the WWE and also NXT rosters.

We’ll attribute a selection of totals in this article; it no all about someone’s one rep max. We’ll additionally take a look in ~ some superior totals because that reps, we even have a guy on the list that’s at this time with NXT that hit 225 for 45 reps! The success took place during the NXT Combine, we’ll have lots that totals indigenous the event and also that also includes a specific female talent together well.

From main roster WWE stars like Roman Reigns and John Cena, come NXT developmental wrestlers like Otis Dozovic and also Lars Sullivan, we’ll have a range of bench press marks in this article. Hell, we even have the Drifter Elias and also his outstanding bench total! Okay, sufficient of the hype let’s get to it, here are 15 WWE stars and also their exceptional bench push totals. Grab a protein shake and enjoy!


15 15. Cesaro – 405 lbs

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right up, Cesaro is a freak. No only deserve to the man hit 405 ~ above the bench press but he can additionally snatch and lift 135 on an Olympic bar with one freaking hand! Yes, he is a among kind athlete and also truthfully a flat out beast.

regardless of his outrageous strength, Cesaro has admitted the he’s all around functional training and not about hitting one rep PRs on standard lifts. Cesaro performs other hefty lifts such as deadlifts and squats - he likewise enjoys performing circuit form exercises, if you desire to burn a hell of a lot and also stimulate those muscles, circuits important aren’t a bad idea. In ~ the period of 37, the Swiss Superman remains in optimal shape as among the most impressive lifters in all of the WWE.

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prefer Triple H stated, Elias was created the WWE roster. He’s got a distinct Drifter gimmick along with the larger than life look at of a WWE Superstar. The 29 year old has actually a significant physique which yes, really doesn’t get sufficient credit. Elias recently mutual some of his bodybuilding tricks via the stone Cold Podcast.

throughout the interview, Elias revealed part his top lifts which contains the bench press. Elias admitted that 405 is his current max i beg your pardon is quite impressive offered his smaller stature compared to most of the rather on the list. In regards to fitness routines, Elias enjoys a standard body building routine supposed to obtain the blood flowing and also filling the end his muscles. He additionally loves his carbohydrate eating a healthy and balanced dose of them. Among his favorite carb selections includes rice and sweet potatoes.


13 13. Otis Dozovic – 225 lbs (45 reps)

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together you’ll view throughout this article, sometimes, the inquiry isn’t exactly how much yet instead, how many? during the recent NXT Combine, Otis Dozovic, one half of the tags team hefty Machinery, stole every the headlines for his remarkable record. Benching 225, Otis ruined the ar hitting the load for one insane 45 reps, the clip is even an ext impressive together WWE cameras captured the lift which took place at the performance Center.

because that those the know about Dozovic’s background, it shouldn’t come as too lot of a surprise. Prior to he gone after pro wrestling, Otis to be a enormous prospect because that the us in Greco-Roman wrestling, even taking part in trials for the Olympic team. He would later transform to agree wrestling and get signed come a WWE deal just a year ~ making his indie debut. Shockingly just 26, he’s got one hell of a future ahead of him.

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The last item of footage we saw of Seth Rollins hitting the bench press, Seth quickly hit 300 for three reps, though that was some time ago and us assume his strength most likely went up since, specifically considering he’s filled out quite considerably as of late.

unequal Elias, Seth performs strength based routines during his workouts, therefore the nickname "Cross right Jesus". Rollins is a enormous advocate for the power form lifts, adopting the layout for the last pair of years now. Amongst his other desired lifts include the squat and the deadlift together well. We’ve viewed him do both workouts on his Instagram feeding regularly; however, clip of his bench development hasn’t to be posted in a while. For what it’s worth, hitting 300 for 3 reps is still rather admirable offered his lighter weight, particularly when the footage to be filmed.


11 11. Note Henry – 585 lbs

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for those 90s wrestles fans the end there, this entrance is because that you. Maybe the best lifter in WWE history, Henry forged quite the path in the people of power-lifting before entering the WWE system. In fact, his pre-WWE career to be so outstanding the WWE took the end their cheque publication in a large way giving the Texas indigenous a enormous ten year deal, one they regretted beforehand on as result of his challenges in and out the the ring.

In fourth grade, Henry was currently weight 225! therefore yea, lifting was basically in his sights early on on. He ended up being a three-time national champion along with winning the an initial ever Arnold standard Strongman competition. Amongst some that his many notable lifts include 585 on the bench, 925 ~ above the deadlift and also over 1,000 on the squat.

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Yes, that’s right, also the women deserve to put up superior marks on the bench push lift. During the NXT Combine, Bianca Belair ruined the compete in most of the events and that had the bench push trials. Belair make the 75 pounds look favor a toy hitting it because that 51 reps. Ember Moon additionally put on one admirable display screen put it no come close to Belair’s mark who took home the honors in virtually every category.

because that those that you that aren’t aware, the NXT possibility was a experienced CrossFit lifter prior to entering the WWE, therefore yea, she’s obtained some experience with hefty lifting. As if the wasn’t enough, Belair was also a significant athlete throughout her university days coming to be a well-known name in the human being of track and field together a hurdler. With such a background, she’s one come watch under in NXT and given her resume, she a future champion.


9 9. Triple H – 275 lbs (16 reps)

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quiet a beast in the load room, Triple H has readjusted up his workout routine during the last couple of years. Gone space the job of bodybuilding routines and also in are the days of practical training. As result of several injuries, Hunter wisely made decision that it was time to move routines. That left the bodybuilding job behind him and he’s now training for useful strength which improves his motion overall, something the is required now that he’s inching towards his 50s and still taking component in in-ring action.

prefer others ~ above the list, Hunter has actually some superior totals because that reps on the bench press. Among his many impressive to be hitting 275 for 16 reps. In spite of being closer come his 50s, The game would have actually still struggle the podium throughout the NXT integrate with the 225 lift, yeah, he’s still a freak.

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speaking of freaks on the bench press, we recognize turn our attention to the good One, The Rock. If you ever before lack an ideas when it pertains to hitting the gym, just search clip of the an excellent One and also that’ll conveniently change. Whether it’s with his indigenous or inspirational exercise footage, the guy will placed you in the mood no matter what time of the job it is. Hell, he even has a darn travel gym!

amongst his most noteworthy lifts includes using the multi-grip bar ~ above the bench press. Absent hit the outrageous note of 275 while using chains (which renders it harder as soon as you walk down) and pausing because that two secs on every of his 10 reps. And oh, if the wasn’t sufficient he also hit five half reps as well.


7 7. Titus O’Neil – 545 lbs

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although Titus wasn’t a powerlifter, he still has a credible lifting background together a prominent University soccer player. In addition to hitting 545 as his max, O’Neil also made the statement that his conditioning was just as vital as his strength, a variable that helped in the future when he chose to do the jump right into pro wrestling.

when asked for some tips on the bench press, Titus make the case that adopting toughness based regime lasting four to 6 weeks will certainly helps someone’s bench progression according to the large man. Lower reps are also important at very first to improve on one’s strength. According to Titus, it’s crucial to discover your one rep max beforehand on and also use that together a structure block moving forward.

The just NXT Superstar to come near the insane mark put increase by Otis to be Lars Sullivan who practically caught the tag team wrestler, he to be only 5 reps far from tie the record note from the combine. Comparable to Otis, Lars make the weight look prefer a toy and given his size, that really do not do it shock anyone. Lars is a beast the a person being and also the scary part is the he’s still in his 20s.

with no experience before the WWE, the company has taken your time with the blue chipper. He was signed in the loss of 2013 and also he’s now really starting to come into his own with future champion written anywhere him. One would have to think the Vince’s salivating thinking around the big man on the key roster. Whatever from his dimension to his movement is for this reason unique; he’s acquired quite the future.


5 5. Large Show – 500 lbs (12 reps)

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huge Show doesn’t have a one rep max yet instead, that hit 500 pounds because that 12 reps, i beg your pardon is for sure insane. Think it or not, the huge man walk in fact weigh 500 pounds in ~ one suggest during his career, a item of details that was newly revealed by wrestles pundit Dave Meltzer. Just imagine chucking roughly 500 pounds and also being nearby to seven feet, my five my, that"s a practice on that is own.

show has freshly undergone an insane transformation. The big man shredded down to 60 pounds leaner, crediting his diet because that the crazy transformation. Show appears to be in far better condition nowadays than ever before before, he placed his brand-new athleticism on full display during a great cage match against Braun Strowman. Us haven’t checked out the large fellow since.

If you ask any active member top top the WWE roster, who has actually the many impressive bench press, it’s more than likely they’ll say large E, who has a monstrous bench max that hitting 575 in man Cena’s gym - a personal record because that the huge man. The gym erupted as soon as he hit the mark, Cena was playing the role of cheerleader while that was obtaining spotted by roman Reigns, therefore yea, getting encouraged to background the load wasn’t too complicated with such company.

of course, large E additionally has a powerlifting background prior to his WWE days. Among his impressive lifts additionally includes 711 top top the squat and 799 ~ above the deadlift. When asked to give advice on just how to boost your bench press, large E declared experience and also constantly benching is crucial. He additionally pointed out that bench sport can also serve a purpose, he offers chains and bands as a means to adjust things up from time to time.


3 3. Wesley Blake – 225 lbs (32 reps)

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one of the many surprising name in the peak three that the bench push competition featured Wesley Blake making the podium. Just by acquisition a look in ~ Blake, you i will not ~ think he had such strength, hell his former partner Murphy watch to be in a lot better shape, however, the watch isn’t constantly everything and Blake certainly proved the hitting 225 for 32 reps, rather impressive offered his size and also lack of athletic background.

Blake no a agree lifter prior to the WWE, instead, he spent some time in ~ the Dory Funk dojo mastering his craft. After a pair of years independently, Blake was signed to a WWE deal in 2013. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard from that in a while, coming to be an afterthought under in advance since his sign team alongside Murphy was break-up up. His future looks quite bleak, but hey, at the very least he can always say he come in 3rd at the NXT integrate for the bench press lift.

similar to Titus, roman inn Reigns can thank his football career before the WWE because that his bench press skills. Before to his pro wrestling journey, Reigns was completely invested right into the football life even hitting a 300 pound weight at one point, roman recalls make the efforts to obtain as fat as possible so he could have boosted his strength as a defensive player. Gone space those days yet as he currently maintains a skinny physique through the WWE.

when asked for personal tips on enhancing one’s bench press max, Roman indicated that triceps occupational is equally as essential - therefore doing several dips can aid one’s bench press. He also indicated that negatives room also crucial when performing a bench movement, for this reason going down slowly when functioning the exercise.


1 1. John Cena – 480 lbs

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as soon as it involves Olympic layout lifts, it doesn’t obtain any much better than man Cena. The dude is an absolute beast, several of his preferred lifts encompass the squat, snatch, deadlift and also of course, the bench press. Serious speaking, that thrives in all of the elevator – his 480 on the bench push is fairly remarkable, beating out his past note of 465.

favor the rather above, Cena credits suffer as the ideal remedy because that someone to improve on their bench push totals. Fairly simply, Cena said “bench!” as soon as asked what is the best method for someone to enhance on this bench push max. In ~ the period of 40, the 16-time champion remains in tremendous condition as arguably the strongest WWE Superstar once you asses pound for lb strength.

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