Compassionate innovations specializes in designing custom wigs because that any type of hair loss including chemotherapy treatment, alopecia, trichotillomania or female sample balding. As an internet-based company, us can assist build the wig the your desires no issue where girlfriend live. We’ve make the procedure of bespeak a custom wig easy and also stress-free thanks to ours step-by-step tutorials and compassionate strategy to client service. We’ve developed hundreds of wigs for clients almost everywhere the world and we’re confident us can assist you too!

The design procedure begins as soon as we obtain a few reference photos of the wig recipient before they experienced any hair loss. When we see just how they favored to wear their hair, we have the right to offer advice on i m sorry donations would certainly work best for their wig. Any hair donations you collection from friends and also family need to be similar in length, color and also texture to ensure every little thing will mix well together in the perfect wig. You can submit hair that has been dyed or shade treated as long as it’s strong enough to resist the hand-tying process.

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In addition to the referral photos, we likewise need the wig recipient’s head measurements in order to construct their custom fitted wig cap. You can watch a video demonstration the the measurement process on our video clip tutorials page or girlfriend can call us to authorize up for help virtually. We will certainly walk you with every measurement therefore you have the right to rest assured the wig will certainly be a great fit. 

Please call us straight if you’re interested in signing up because that a aid with Head Measurements video clip consultation. 




The minimum weight necessity for any brand-new custom wig bespeak is 300 grams. We need this lot hair to ensure there will certainly be enough left end to finish the wig after ~ the brush the end process. The complete 300 g of hair will certainly undergo a brush out process to remove all the damaged and also unusable hair so only the longest and healthiest strands remain.

This procedure will additionally custom blend the hair with each other to ensure an even circulation of color and lengths. We know collecting this lot hair can be a complicated task for this reason we store an list of hair top top hand in case our clients require extra to satisfy our weight requirement. If we have to incorporate supplemental hair with your own, we will prepare an alternative for you to approve.

We constantly give our clients the final say ~ above what supplemental hair will be supplied in the development of their wig. Any supplemental hair required to meet our weight need is had in the price of the wig.

The minimum size requirement to make a wig from donated hair is 10 inches because of the hand-tying process. Us cannot accept any type of hair submissions shorter than 10” also if the wig receiver prefers to wear their hair short. Due to the come back of knotting the hair, you should plan to shed 2-3” of length from your submission. Please keep that reality in mind once you decide how much size you would choose to cut. You have the right to see examples of wigs developed from different hair lengths ~ above our collection page. To watch our preferred methods for cutting your hair, you re welcome visit our video tutorials page. We cannot use hair that has already fallen off the head so it’s important to save your hair as early in treatment as possible. You deserve to read more about this on ours chemotherapy induced hair ns page.  

Once you get the completed wig, we suggest taking it come your an individual stylist to offer the hair part shape. We purposely leave every one of our wigs raw after construction so they have the right to be customized through the client. It’s essential that you have actually your wig on when it’s being cut so the stylist can see just how the hair will fall and also frame her face. As well as a irradiate trim, Compassionate inventions does not offer any kind of cutting or coloring services.



We at this time require a minimum that 8-10* mainly to build any new custom wig order. This timeline promises the highest possible quality feasible for your personalized wig. Each strand of hair is personal hand-tied by a experienced wig maker, giving you the versatility to style and part the hair in any direction you’d like. 

*Due to extraordinary shipping and also customs delays, the turnaound time for her wig may exceed 8-10 weeks.

The cost to do a wig indigenous your own hair is $1,200 US and includes the following:

Any supplemental hair essential to meet our 300g weight requirementUPS shipping and also insurance for her completed wigA full wash, conditioning and oil treatment for her completed wigLifetime access to our to represent for any kind of future concerns or concerns about your wig

We market 3 different video consultations every designed to help you through the process of having actually a wig make from your own hair. We’ll be over there to aid you throughout the entire procedure from start to finish.  

You can accessibility our complete library of instructional videos on our video tutorials page. There we demonstrate: 

How to Take her Head MeasurementsHow to Prep and also Cut your Hair before a Head ShaveHow to Prep and Cut her Hair for a DonationHow to letter in your HairHow to Wash and also Maintain her Wig

 You can likewise see a an extensive list of generally asked questions concerning our services and also our hair donation requirements on our FAQ page.

 In our Resources and Tutorials section we administer some general information top top chemotherapy induced hair loss and also offer a couple of online sources for human being who experience the appearance connected side results of alopecia, and trichotillomania. Girlfriend can additionally find some useful information we’ve collected about insurance coverage and also how to document a reimbursement insurance claim to covering the expense of your wig.

The tradition wigs developed by Compassionate Creations have been perfected in such a method you can"t know until you get to wear one. The seams are perfectly hidden, the fabrics provided are supervisor lightweight and soft. The wig is washable, can be styled, cut, and even it is in danced in! You deserve to move and also groove v this infant on and also the hair in it moves so naturally.

We had a good experience v Compassionate inventions from begin to finish. Gigi’s wig look at excellent, fits perfectly, attract well, and she looks an extremely much like she did prior to she lost her hair. We got support from start to finish, including measuring help, and washing instructions, etc. Gieselle and Veronica were really responsive and also helpful in every step of the process.

THE WIG ultimately ARRIVED! A vast thanks to the women at Compassionate developments for gift so easy to job-related with and for your tremendous talent to have actually designed such a gorgeous wig. In a world where cancer is a storm blocking my mom"s shine, i think this wig is a tiny breakthrough whereby she can get that feeling of identity ago from what cancer took away. Ns can"t express in words exactly how happy and honored i feel to have had the chance to donate my own hair to my mom.

I love mine wig!! give thanks to you again so lot for my beautiful wig! my two-year-old daughter experienced me in it and also said "Mama" in a way that make me feel choose she was recognizing me again. It was precious.

Meghan T.

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Sugar Land, TX 2018

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