Height 2" 8" (will work up to 3" 6.5")
Width 8" (will job-related from 4" come 16"+)
Length 25" (will work-related down come 17")

Here you will find cost-free ramp plan on exactly how to build an outdoor mini halfpipe. The halfpipe displayed in the photos is 2"8" high, 8 feet wide with an 8 foot level bottom and 3 foot platforms. We offered treated hardwood to develop this pipe, i beg your pardon protects the ramp from the sun and rain. If you are building your pipe outdoors, girlfriend will additionally want to carry out this. Ns realize many civilization will no be surfacing with skatelite like we did, so girlfriend will should read about your other options here.

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Materials required

Quantity Material $(1 unit)
42 treated 8" 2x6 $5.97
5 treated 8" 2x4s $3.69
4 treated 8" 2x8s $5.99
12 treated 8" 1x6s $4.97
4 treated 8" 4x4s $8.97
2 (3/4)" treated plywood (4"x8") $37.97
12 (3/8)" plywood (8"x4", no treated) $11.99
2 8 feet lengthy 1.5" diameter metal pipe $18
1 (Optional) role tar paper $10.93
6 (Optional) 4"x8" skatelite $150
6 (Optional) 4"x8" (1/4)" massonite $10.99

Total Cost

Using Skatelite for surface $1550
Using Massonite because that surface $716
Using plywood together surface $650
Indoor mini halfpipe (see adjustments below) $450

If girlfriend are building this halfpipe indoors, treated lumber is not crucial (it protects indigenous sun and rain).

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2x4s deserve to be used instead of 2x6s because that the assistance beams, and plywood is enough for surface.

These prices space taken indigenous a house Depot in Minnesota, timber prices will vary relying on where you live and also what store you walk to.

Not consisted of in the price is screws and tools (or tax).

Time slide out Video

This halfpipe being built in 3 minutes

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I built this pipe through Chad indigenous Resiramps, if you desire a ramp developed for you examine out the Resiramps residence Page

The cost-free Halfpipe Plans

Step 1: The level Bottom


Step 2: reduced the Sides


Step 3: 2 by Sixes


Step 5: platform Surface


Step 6: Plywood


Step 7: Tar Paper


Step 8: Surfacing


Step 9: Coping