While the price of a belly switch piercing have the right to vary greatly, there room some deciding determinants that sweet in on exactly how high or low the piercing could actually be.

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If you haven’t assumed that far ahead, don’t worry. We’ll provide you the lowdown on everything you’ll need to know about the price of a belly switch piercing.

Belly switch Piercing Prices

You must expect come pay almost everywhere from $30 to $70 to have your belly button pierced. If you find a price cheaper 보다 that, you should be a little wary. You might want to ask around about the piercer’s reputation. They could be extra cheap for a reason.

Just remember before deciding that some deals really space too good to be true. Castle can regularly come with hidden costs, like feasible complications, that you aren’t counting on.

Go through your gut when it comes to picking her belly switch piercer. If you have actually a bad feeling around the piercer, find an additional one. There’s no shortage the piercers who offer that service.

Belly switch Piercing Costs: determinants to Consider

Ever wonder why one piercer will charge a portion of what one more piercer will charge because that the very same procedure? permit us work out that mystery for you. Right here are some of the best reasons for the large difference in prices you’ll see from piercer come piercer.

Skill Level of the Piercer

If you to be going come have mind surgery, friend would find a vast difference in the ability level once comparing a operated doctor at your neighborhood hospital to a surgeon at a world-class hospital. Civilization flock to first-rate hospitals since of the experience of the surgeons and also doctors there. The level of demand permits surgeons come charge an ext for their work.

The very same is true with piercers. If friend could pick to have actually your work-related done by someone who has done five belly button piercings or a piercer who has done countless the exact same procedure, which one would you choose? The price is clear. You would certainly go with suffer every time.

That experience allows a piercer fee more. They know what castle doing and also they’re precious the extra money.


Piercing Method

The an approach your piercer provides can additionally factor into the price. Piercers who usehollow needlesinstead ofpiercing gunscan charge much more because their an approach requires greater levels that training and experience. This technique also usually results in a more successful piercing outcome.

Piercing weapons aren’t as sanitary and also they cause an ext tissue damage. Girlfriend may finish up with much more scarring andpainif you go through a piercing gun. Paying a few extra dollars to avoid complications and pain is thought about a an excellent deal by most people.

The Cool Factor

Another thing that can influence the cost of a piercing is the cool factor. Part places have actually that “it” factor. Lock the location everybody wants to go to have their job-related done. That type of popularity comes v a steep price tag.

You’ll have actually to number out if it’s worth paying an ext money just to tell your friends you had your piercing done at the trendiest ar in town. If castle true artists who are well-known for their great work, it’s worth it.

But if you’re simply paying because that the cool factor and nothing more, you might want to reconsider. Those cool this year might be uncool following year, and also overpaying because that something is constantly uncool to some people.

It’s All around Location

As they say in the actual estate world, place is everything. The holds true in the organization industry together well. Piercers in big cities can charge an ext compared to tiny or rural towns. Every little thing costs more in the city and also piercing is no different.

Just because piercings space cheaper in a smaller city, that doesn’t typical you have to drive the end of your big metropolis come the nearest little town simply to save money. You’ll invest a most money top top gas and you’ll shed some of your cost-free time as well.

The upside to utilizing piercers who have collection up shop in big cities is the they room generally an ext experienced. They have actually a larger customer basic than smaller sized towns do. That way they’ve likely done much more belly button piercings.

Jewelry Type

If you have actually expensive jewel tastes, you going come pay an ext when you have your piercing done. Some metals are pricier than others.

Somebody that doesn’t mind wearing stainless stole jewelry will certainly pay much less than someone who desires gold.

Any bling that you desire on her belly button piercing can add to the final expense too.



Some human being aren’t happy unless they leave v a bagful of stuff to go along with their new piercing. Castle obviously going come pay much more if they end up buying additional jewelry andcleaningproducts.

The best aftercare productI’ve personally used is theAfter Inked Piercing Aftercare Spray. Not just is that vegan, however it’s also fully alcohol and additive-free. The equipment works well on all skin types including sensitive skin, and also it come in a generously-sized mist-spraying party for simple application. Once using the from the really start that the heal process, the spray help to decrease healing time and aims to eliminate anylingering pain or soreness.

A quick video guide to cleaning a brand-new piercing:

If you’re worried around paying too lot upfront, simply start with one item of jewelry for your belly button piercing. It will certainly be weeks and possibly months before you can change it anyway.

You can always buy more jewelry closer to the time you room able to swap that out. That way, you can break increase the price a little.

To save your add-on expenses down, friend should have a firm idea regarding which products you want before you acquire your belly switch pierced. Try not to be talked into things you nothing need. If friend let your piercer know you’re top top a chop budget, they might cut down a bit on the sales pitch.

Why the Cheapest prices Aren’t constantly the best Option

Nobody likes overpaying because that a service. While saving money is fun, in some instances it could be far better to part with some extra cold, tough cash.

By paying much more for an experienced piercer, friend can defend yourself from few of the complications of having your belly switch pierced.

If the extra money you invest on an competent professional, prevents you from getting aninfected belly button piercing, it’s worth it.

You won’t be paying money because that a doctor’s meeting andantibiotics.

Plus, through a more experienced and also expensive piercer, you will do it be certain you’re obtaining top-notch quality. Friend don’t desire to look front to acquiring a belly button piercing just to uncover out girlfriend don’t choose the location of your jewelry. Friend won’t conserve anything if you have to pay someone to redo what the an initial piercer screwed up.

Another point you need to look the end for v an cheap piercer is that they sometimes have cheap jewelry instead of top quality stuff. The an excellent jewelry will last longer and hold up better.


It i will not ~ be a bargain as soon as you need to buy new jewelry because the cheap stuff gives you an allergic reaction.

Common Discounts/Deals

If you want to conserve money safely, there is no compromising on the quality of the piercer girlfriend use, you have the right to ask about possible discounts they may have. They could offer discounts the aren’t advertised yet are given if world ask. Here are several of the discounts you might stumble upon.

Buy One, get One Free

If you have a friend who also wants to get their belly buttons pierced, you might find a to buy one, get one cost-free deal. It’s always worth asking if your piercer offers this discount. The worst they have the right to do is speak no.

Re-doing Old Piercing Discounts

Some piercers nothing mind giving discounts because that redoing old piercings. If the piercing is old, so is the jewelry they originally purchased, if they also still have it. In addition to the new piercing, they’ll additionally make brand-new jewelry sales for this reason it’s worth their time to perform it.

Multiple Piercing Discounts

Are girlfriend a pan of piercings? do you desire to get more done than simply your belly button? If so, you should have the ability to score a good discount.

Most piercers sell multiple piercing discounts. This package deals assist you gain a lot excellent without draining your bank account.

Student Discounts

College children are notoriously broke – they are paying for your education, after ~ all. Castle don’t have a the majority of leftover money to spare. However they love gaining their belly buttons pierced.

Many piercers market a college student discount to get their business.


Even at a trusted piercer’s shop, you’ll still uncover that belly switch piercing isn’t as well expensive. As it’s so vital to get it best the an initial time, think about going v the finest piercer, no the cheapest one you deserve to find.

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In the lengthy run, you could be saving yourself indigenous going through extra pain. At the an extremely least, you’ll feel much more confident the you’re gaining a safe and also sanitary belly button piercing. The extra money is certainly worth the tranquility of mind you’ll get.