The typical weight that Men’s Knee replace instead replace is around 1.12 Lbs and Women’s Knee Replacements average is 0.76 Lbs (both weights incorporate the cement).

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Although the load of an individual knee replacement might vary relying on the size of the knee and also the size of the patient, they just weigh a couple of pounds. Thus, there is no single answer come the question.

However, in this article, we will certainly share part information about How lot Does A Knee Replacement weigh (average) by gathering the an individual experience of some patients native Knee surgical treatment Patna .

Approximate load of a total Knee share Replacement

The load of the prosthesis will constantly be an ext than the weight of the bone removed. The weight will certainly vary relying on your knee and also body size.

Bone, soft tissue, and bone reaming’s will be removed first. Next, there is the cumulative load of the prosthesis, bone cement, patellar component, and also the polyethylene liner that will be put into her knee.

As a result, the median Knee replacement Weight limit of the new knee (plus cement used) is approximately 509 grams (1.12 pounds) for men and 345.5 grams (.76 pounds) because that women.

The mean weight of the bone and soft tissue gotten rid of is 167.5 grams (.36 pounds) because that men and 130 grams (.28 pounds) for women.

Generally, you will not notification the tiny weight difference.

How much Does A Hip instead of Weigh?

The components weigh about 3 to 5 pounds. The bone removed throughout hip replacement weighs a little less. So, you may gain a couple of pounds of human body weight together a an outcome of hip replacement surgery.

Why perform You gain Weight ~ Knee Replacement?

According to Dr. Ramakant Kumar, finest Doctor for Knee Replacement surgical procedure in Patna – there room two feasible explanations to account for the load gain.

First is, patient who are overweight or obese might lose far-ranging weight in development of the surgical treatment as recommended by their doctor. Climate after the operation, they go back to their old eat patterns and put the weight ago on.

The various other possibility is the these patients have actually been managing chronic knee pain and also have invested years avoiding activities and practice that do the pains worse. For many, it could be complicated to imagine a lifestyle that has regular exercise, Dr. Ramakant said.

What no to do After Knee Replacement?

Post-Total Knee instead of Surgery, friend will need to take some precautions. Right here are some points You Can’t execute After Knee replacement Surgery:

Don’t cross your legsDon’t kneel and place noþeles behind her kneesA pillow or any type of item because that that issue should no be inserted behind the kneesIf you need elevation and/or support under the operative leg, the is to be inserted under the heelYou must not talk or twist on your new kneeYou also have to avoid running, trekking, and also playing contact sports like football, cricket, etc.

How much Weight have the right to You background After complete Knee Replacement?

Even if you’re able come return to full normal after her surgery, you’ll have to mind your synthetic knee because that the remainder of her life. So, avoid lifting anything much more than 20 pounds. That deserve to stress the joint too much. Also, don’t jerk the leg through the implant.

Can You damage A Knee Replacement?

The prize is yes. Knee instead of complications can an outcome from surgical procedure or a faulty implant. Loosening is among the many serious complications and pain is the most typical one. Loosening can reason bone fractures, instability, and serious falls. Therefore, nearly all serious complications require revision surgery.


I expect this write-up has assisted to answer the question of just how much does a knee replacement weighs. Girlfriend won’t feel a “heavy” knee and also the brand-new knee will certainly not make you weigh much more than girlfriend did before surgery.

What comes out of your knee joint and also what goes earlier into the joint renders for an insignificant boost in body weight. Titanium is especially an excellent for knee replacements and should provide you with countless years of an excellent knee function.

Also, if you are looking for undergoing a surgical procedure for Joint instead of Patna, then you have to consult Dr. Ramakant Kumar because that that.

He is among the finest Surgeon for Knee Replacement surgical treatment in Patna Practising at Boring Canal Road, having much more than 10 year of suffer in this field. He has actually completed his 6 year of Orthopaedic training from prestigious AIIMS, new Delhi, and also is committed to giving quality care for patients.

He has additionally performed much more than 2000 surgeries for total Knee replacement in Patna. His Knee Replacement cost is also really much affordable as compared to other doctors.

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We hope that you have got your answer for just how Much does A Knee replacement Weigh. Here, we will placed an finish to this blog.